Recipe For Men Shaving FoamHere at MaleSkin, we are constantly inundated with requests from gentlemen about what shaving products they should choose. Perhaps the most popular resides at whether to choose a shaving foam, gel or cream? In today's male beauty and skin care blog, we'll be running the rule over all three product ranges with a fine toothcomb, in order to deliver comprehensive analysis on what one may just be right for you.


There are many different factors that most of us guys find affect what one we end up using. What's on offer? What one the missus happens to throw in the trolley if you've wriggled out of doing the shopping, or plain and simply what you've been used to since your adolescent days of mastering grooming.


What we find is that deciding what shaving lube you choose is a little bit like choosing your pillow. If you're shattered, you're inevitably going to end up having a decent nights kip, regardless of if you go cheap or for the goose feathers. However, for gentlemen who want that perfectly comfortable sleep and to wake up feeling refreshed, going for quality will certainly pay off.


So, what's the story? Whilst all three ranges are predominantly designed to stop your stubble from drying out and providing an ideal cushion between your razor and skin, what one's do the best job when it comes to propelling your entire shaving standards and lubing up when your skin's in need of maximum protection? Let's find out fellas!


Shaving Foams

After speaking with many male grooming experts, foams often receive the least amount of praise in the world of shaving. Often cheap and easy to use, which can be beneficial of course, shaving foams for men typically contain the highest levels of alcohol, which in turn, tend to dry out men's skin rapidly, not good if you already have dry or sensitive skin. Such alcohol levels often ensure a loss of tone to your skin and a quicker onset of irritation. As, rather unfortunately, foams contain more air in their canister per square inch, when it's time to reside on your face, due to their formulation, they find it very difficult to keep hairs raised on your skin. The result? Your razor can end up dragging along the skin and create and angry and unhealthy post shave finish.


Shaving Gel From NickelShaving Gels

When dealing in the comfort stakes, shaving gels for men often receive slightly more praise from grooming experts. Despite containing alcohol, which may dry the skin out also, gels, due to their clear nature, allow for swift and effective shaving, with it reducing the risk of irritation. Perfect for facial hair styling, due to their clear (non-foaming) base, shaving gels ensure you can negotiate damaged and irritated skin quicker and easier with their more lubricating base. Avoid going over the same troubled skin more than is required and as gels are typically unscented, sensitive skin typically reacts less than with the use of a shaving foam.


Shaving Creams

Now for the most generally adored range of shaving product, creams. Widely renowned to create the most enriching and lubricating base, ideal for treating your skin and keeping it moisturised during the stress of shaving. Most shaving creams are Glycerine based, which ensures even the most driest of skin types don’t end up falling at the way side during such grooming intensity. Shaving creams, when used either alone or with a badger brush are excellent at dealing with tough stubble, perfect if getting a close and fuss free shave is top of your agenda.


Men Rock Shaving CreamShaving creams also give you scope for grooming efficiency and savings with the use of a badger brush. using a brush inevitably means you require less product to create the same amount of enriching lather and ensure hairs stand up more firmly for an easier razor glide, guaranteeing less tug and pull. Hydrate and condition your skin with the power of shaving cream, a range that looks set to overpower the likes of foams and gels in the popularity stakes, as more and more gentlemen quickly come to realise the power of such a product.


Now you have seen what each range has to offer, lean upon the wealth of knowledge from our grooming experts to make a fully informed decision, dependant of course, on what you wish to achieve. Whilst shaving creams offer the most amount of benefits, cheapness and ease of application oh so often prevail. Discover the below with our ‘what to buy’ from the very best on offer on the men's grooming market and start the new year off right with sheer quality.


What to buy:

Recipe For Men Sensitive Shaving Foam - An easy application non-drying shaving foam which is dispensed easily and combats post shave irritation. A long lasting shaving foam which allows for improved razor glide and the perfect cushion to the skin.

Men Rock Shaving Cream - An enriching shaving cream that lathers up to provide the ultimate in protective barrier to the skin. Achieve a close razor glide and comfortable finish with zero irritation. This enriching cream can be lathered up using a badger brush and provides complete miniaturisation to the skin during the rigors of shaving.

Nickel Moisture Protect Shaving Gel - Perfect for easy facial styling and fast and effective morning grooming. Nickel's grooming marvel provides a sheer lubrication and allows the shaver to glide effortlessly. A luxury male grooming product that protects and nourishes.