Nearly a week on from losing my spray tanning virginity, I'm here to tell you guys all about it and to give a bit of guidance about what exactly goes on, what to expect and how to best manage your skin after it. Should I have a spray tan as a man? It's a question that was on my mind for about a year prior to last Friday and after the week I've had, the answer is an astounding yes!

Okay, so after a knock at the door, this pleasant lady stood there with a tanning tent in one hand and what looked like the latest Dyson in the other. Despite the comical feel to the whole experience, next thing I knew I was stripped down to my boxers in my lounge, all of a sudden, taking it quite seriously. After all, I didn't want it to all patchy and Tango like, so after an initial giggle, it was straight down to business, as I wanted the very best results.

Putting on the sticky anti-slip foot pads, I simply stood there in her half tent, whilst she did all the hard work. Spraying gently over my body, my skin quickly began to bronze and best of all, it wasn't sticky, obvious or funny smelling like some at home bronzers I'd used in the past. After about ten minutes it was all done and before my very eyes, I witnessed an almighty transformation from Pale Dale to Bronzed Brian!

My entire body looked great and my skin felt so smooth, something I definitely wasn't expecting. So, what can you expect after a spray tan? Well, the golden rule is to not touch water immediately after it. Showers are a big no-go for the first twelve hours and if you're planning on going out that same night, I'd recommend making at home plans instead, as it does make your face in particular look quite scaly and patchy. However guys, the following morning, after my shower, my skin looked fantastic and more importantly even in its coverage.

I quite simply looked like I'd been on a beach for a month and with a week gone by since my spray tan, I still look tanned and healthy glowing. I did notice that after three or four days it did begin to fade a little, but that was a nice touch as I was seeing the boys last night and didn’t want my cover being blown! I’ve been using coconut oil on my body each night, which has definitely helped me maintain my darker colour.

Another tip I picked up is to wear baggy clothing after your spray tan and if you can, put a temporary sheet on your bed and pillows, unless you want to be standing hungover on Sunday morning in your local launderette boys!

Overall, a very pleasant experience with the treatment doing exactly what it's supposed to do. I was a bit worried about looking orange or to 'Essexy' but that wasn't the case at all and at just £15, which is the most you should be spending for a good at home treatment, I was very made up. It didn't affect my normal grooming routine and with the supplied hair net, it's easy to get hold off your favorite hair style quickly after treatment. You can of course choose the intensity of your tan, which is good, as I'd probably go darker in summer and the fact that you just stand there soaking it up is awesome, especially if you'd rather be spending your nights partying on holiday rather than soaking up wrinkle causing UV rays at the beach.

An amazing experience that I’ll be undertaking regularly now for sure. If you're looking to look bronzed for a night out, I'd recommend having your spray tan on a Thursday guys, giving you the best boost for a weekend in the process!