Man SleepsHistory suggests that whilst your missus put on her favourite night cream before bed and you’re letting the dogs out for their final bit of business, you’re drawing ever so close to that much needed kip. But, what if the roles were to change and it was suddenly you amplifying your night time skin care routine? Would it be frowns at dusk? Or, would you in fact, become a new and upgraded men’s skin care conesseur?


The answer is absolutely! There are a list of benefits as long as my arm, which we’re going to briefly run through in today’s skin care blog for men, as well as highlight a few power products which you should take on board to turn zero hour in hero hour. But first, let’s cover a few facts about the body whilst in recovery mode and just what it is that makes good night time care a complete game changer, when it comes to looking healthier, fresher and more revitalized.


Research shows that your body’s natural tendancy to repair and recover itself is significantly enhanced between the hours of midnight and 4am. Along with it’s natural tendancy to respire more oxygen and increase blood flow, your body’s skin cell replenishment increases by as much as 40%. As a result, the term ‘recovery mode’ well and truly fits the bill when it comes to what’s going on each and every night. So, why not thrust your skin’s performance even further with a good night cream for men?


Some benefits of men’s night creams include: Less fatigued skin, younger looking skin and a more refined complexion. Furthermore, specific tiredness related imperfections appear more reduced and less intense, including dark circles, eye bags and puffiness. Men’s skin naturally loses spot creating oils throughout the night, so a specialist rejuvination cream that can rebalance oil levels over night will all go a long way in fending off those zits. Most male night creams contain super charged anti-oxidants, which repair and protect the skin when it’s time to wake up and dash off to work. Choose a good night cream to really start your morning grooming regime off right with a rejuivenated canvas to build your daily skincare products on – so to speak. As men’s skin tends to lose natural moisture throughout the night, a cream dedicated to night care is crucial as they will never contain fragrance or ingredients which could perhaps dry out the skin.


Top 3 Men’s Night Creams

Menaji Anti Aging Night Cream For Men (£60.00) – A super charged skin care product perfect for men over the age of 30. This product takes advantage of night time conditions within men’s skin to provide a high performance treatment to fine lines, wrinkles and prematurely aging skin. Power packed with exceptional ingredients.

Taylor Of Old Bond Street Night Cream (£8.00) – A great product at a fraction of the price. This product is perfect at managing oil levels within the skin over night to draw away spot promoting oils. This lightweight cream is non-greasy and guarantees superb rejuvenation when you wake.

Nickel Anti-Puffiness Eye Gel (£21.00) – The perfect complimentary skin care product for men to any good night cream. Nickel’s anti-pufiness eye gel is a perfect eye care product which can be used at night to target eye bags and dark circles. Give your flagging under eye areas the focus they deserve whilst you sleep with a quick application. Truly revitalize the eye area for an extra kick when you wake.