ExfoliatingThere are many indications across your skin that show signs of poor exfoliation. It is important that you exfoliate your skin carefully to ensure it is performing as it should be. In a blunt nutshell, everyone should be exfoliating their skin.
You should be wise of the signs that you body will present to you also. Exfoliating for those who are new to the term is the removal of build-up/impurities/dead skin cells across the top layer of the skins surface. There are many ways to exfoliate between physical or chemical based options. You’ll find a whole host of specific methods in between these two main types, which work for different skin types and goals. Mechanical based exfoliants physically rub using abrasive coarse/grounded ingredients, or tools to use against the skin. Chemical on the other hand use solutions or
concentrations that dissolve the bindings that hold skin cells together. You’ll find chemical peels, or formula’s containing fruit enzymes in this category. Together they give you the same end-goal result.
However, we are here today to talk all things relating poor exfoliating and what to look out for on your skin. Tackle this list and see whether any points are jumping up at you:

Hard Skin:

Take this first sign as the main one to approach. Touch your face and see whether your skin feels hardened across its surface. If you find your skin feels rather on the tougher side then this is something you should note. Skin should be soft, supple and have an elastic quality to it. Hard skin is neither these nor should be left like this. Breaking down a build-up dead skin cells will allow fresher skin to breathe and form underneath. This of course is healthier skin and the difference in its texture will be considerably noticeable.

Dull & Grey Skin:

So, having the appearance of a ghoul is not natural. Dull or fatigued looking skin is an indication that you have a build-up on the skin that is limiting the blood flow to the surface layers. By exfoliating the dead skin cells that accumulate, you’ll find your complexion changes for the better. It becomes more vibrant and fuller of colour/life. This is because the blood is able to reach closer to the surface and brightens the appearance of your skin.

Breakouts Are Breaking…Out:

You are finding you have breakouts appearing more than usual or continuously worsening. It’s a sign to say you’ve got bacteria across your face and its lodged in deep within trapped oils. Bacteria breeds quickly and loves finding places it can do so. If you aren’t exfoliating properly, you’ll find you are allowing the breeding of these little nasties. Slough away any surfaces that give bacteria a reason to stay, minimising the damages they bring to your skin.

Problematic Oil Production:

Bouncing off the point above, oil production begins to run overtime and your skin becomes noticeably more oiler. This is because it has no-one to go and often gets trapped across areas in your face. Tackle both oil productions (which in turn reduces bacterial build-up by exfoliating and leaving your surface complexion smooth and flatter. Oil is produced because the skin feels as if it is drier. Build-ups of dead skin cells force the skins oil production to begin churning more sebum to go an protect the skins surface naturally.

Aged Looking Skin:

Skin is a living tissue, it grows and it dies. Leaving dead skin cells layered across the surface will ultimately age you prematurely. If your newer skin underneath it blocked by a mass above it, you’ll find it won’t be able to process its natural cycle very well. Poor performance here means your skin
begins to look aged as a whole. Healthier and fresh skin can continuously grow if it has the space above to receive oxygen. Without this, your complexion looks tiresome and withered. Keep your skin regularly exfoliated to allow your skin to perform at top capacity. Giving you a complexion that is radiantly younger.

You’re Wasting Valuable Skincare Products:

Did you know that your skincare products are engineered to dive deep within the skin to deliver vital skin boosting nutrients minerals and vitamins? Layering products across the skin is all well and good, but only if you have clear and cleansed skin. Any build-ups on the surface halt the absorption of patented formulas, which means the choice of skincare is only working at a certain percentage. This means you are wasting valuable formula and money too as you aren’t benefiting from the whole solution. Tackling build-ups and giving your skin a texture that is smooth, with fresh and new skin means your formulas can transport themselves exactly where they need to go. Imagine driving to a destination and having to stop at each road blockage. It’s the same principle here.

Skin Flaking, Peeling & Itching:

Untreated skin becomes sore, red and uncomfortable. By regular exfoliating (gently of course) you’ll find your skin is more resilient and better quipped. Hardened skin over time may begin to tear and cause itching and shed as your scratch it. Skin that is dry becomes problematic and can bring a host
of other uncomfortable feelings that effect your skin and mood. Don’t allow your skin to acquire build-ups of dead skin cells and impurities as they ultimately require extra maintenance to revert to its preferred softened and more comfortable state. Treat your skin as you would treat any living matter. With precision, patience and care.