Multivitamin Power Firm – [15ml]

A potent firming complex that is both gluten-free and vegan. This kind-to-the-skin treatment will encourage the youthfulness to reappear to your eye area. Its formula is created with Vitamin A, C and E to provide antioxidant support to the skin. These potent vitamins provide your skin with accelerating your skins natural defences and repairing process. They act against free radical and boost your skins resilience. Supporting your skin on the outside and inside too. It has been created without parabens and irritants found from the use of artificial fragrances and colours. The Eye Treatments leaves a light veil of protecting against moisture loss and minimising dryness lines from skin that is dehydrated. Quench your skin and protect your eyes with this wonderfully simple, easy to use firming solution. This is suitable for daily use and effortlessly melts into the skin treated.

Age Reversal Eye Complex – [15ml]

A top-seller in Dermalogica’s arsenal this Age Reversal Eye Complex is easy and effective to use. Using an advanced retinol solution that comes in a microencapsulated state, it works its magic to smooth and blur out the signs of wrinkles and fine lines around the eye area. The solution is gluten-free, vegan and free from parabens, colours and fragrances of an artificial variety. It includes many powerful natural and botanical ingredients that target the signs of skin aging. You’ll find in the Age Reversal Firming Complex the combination of Vitamin C and powerful Peptides, fortify your skins texture effortlessly. The antioxidant in Vitamin C encourages skin health and promotes more radiant and refined looking skin. The microencapsulated technology contains Ash Tree Bark and Niacinamide which maintain moisture and hydration levels in the skin. They also work to negate dark circles forming under and in your eye sockets. This solution is wonderful at delivering a formula deep into the skin to fight against age related imperfections. They work in sync beautifully to deliver you a more youthful appearance to eyes.

Total Eye Care With SPF15 – [15ml]

Retexturize your eyes with this wonderfully crafted eye cream. The formula contains UV protection properties, so you are safeguarded throughout the day with this lightweight cream. This vegan and gluten-free cream will shrink the stubbornness of dark circles formed around the eyes, using optical light diffusers. This sunscreen is crafted without chemicals and paraben, colours and fragrances. With plant extracts and a mixture of Alpha Hydroxy Acids, this cream tackles the puffiness and fine line situation around the eyes, leaving the skin soothe and diffused. This daily eye treatment is a great choice to protect the thin layer around the yes daily and safely too. It will provide hydration boosting shields over the skin to lock in moisture. This will leave you skin looking more youthful and bouncier.

Stress Positive Eye Lift – [25ml]

Take back the visible signs of tired eyes using this targeted eye treatment by Dermalogica. This active masque uses a special blend of ingredients to restore the skin around your eyes. The patented formula will help give your eyes the ‘lift’ it needs to look and feel bouncier and more youthful. A complex of Bioactive Diglucosyl Gallic Acid, Hyaluronic Acid and Fermented Yeast are used to promote firmness in the skin and generate a lifting effect to the area applied too. This unique science dramatically changes the appearance of your eyes, to bring life back into dull and lacklustre skin. You’ll also find a blend of Artic Algae and Sea Water Extract to counter the effects of puffiness in the eyes. Wild Indigo Seed is used too, to tackle under-eye circles and actively brighten the skin to reduce the visible signs. The formula is created without parabens, colours and artificial fragrances and is suitable for those who are vegan and gluten-free also. Say goodbye to stressed looking eyes and bring back eyes that are brighter, calmed and lifted. Leave the mask on for 3-5 minutes, massage any excess into the skin and wipe away as residual product off.

Intensive Eye Repair – [15ml]

A rich blend of Vitamin A, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Wild Yam Extract have been selected for their target repair properties to aging and damages caused on the skin around the eye area. You’ll find the smoothing effects of Cucumber and Arnica leave the skin calmed, soothed and retextured thanks to the phytonutrients from these extracts. Grape Seed Extract and Vitamin C & E provide a shield for the skin around the eye to prevent further environmental damage to occur. The vegan intensive repairing cream restores and revives stressful and dull eyes. A hydration cream that defends against photoaging and the appearance of fine line and wrinkles. This patented formula is enriched with a blend of premium natural ingredients and botanicals. It has been created without the usage of parabens, artificial fragrances and colours and is safe for those who are gluten-free.

Ultrasmoothing Eye Serum – [15ml]

Using a targeted peptide, Ultrasmoothing Eye serum works to smooth out fine lines and tackle head on the signs of aging in the skin around your eyes. The premium blend of Golden Chamomile, Brown and Red Algae tackles puffiness in the eyes and works to calm this skin inflammation down. This vegan eye serum uses a blend of Hyaluronic Acid to optimise hydration in the eyes, whilst the UltraCalming Complex by Dermalogica minimises sensitivity from these active ingredients. For soothing effects to the skin, the formula also contains Oat Kernel Extract for its gentle and effective calming abilities to the skin. The product is created without artificial fragrances, colours and parabens. Suitable also for those who are gluten-free, the added Vitamin C content works to fight pigmentation and provide antioxidant to the skin. This age-fighting cream uses its peptides to target and firm the skin leaving your eyes smooth, whilst being all round gentle to your skin’s health.

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