Bulldog Grooming have been creating just one or two waves within the men’s skin care market over the past five years or so and it’s incredibly exciting when they release new products. In this week’s male grooming blog, we’ve picked out six of our current favourites, which have recently been released to bolster their already unparalleled offering.

Bulldog seek to strike the perfect balance between quality and affordability and across all six of the below, it’s safe to say that their intentions have come shining through. If you’re new to the Bulldog brand, or a regular user, adding these to your bathroom arsenal promises to give your game face some serious ‘grrr’.

Bulldog Oil Control Moisturiser

Apply this daily to create a balanced complexion, and to hydrate your skin. The moisturising formula delivers a non-greasy finish, free from shine.With continued use, this mattefying moisturiser leaves the skin looking and feeling hydrated and soft through even the longest days. Graced with a blend of your skins favourite oils, the compelling hydrator works to visibly improve skin texture.

Bulldog Age Defence Moisturiser

Purposely designed for men, this moisturizer will keep your skin looking and feeling young, as the rest of you grows. By actively using this anti-ageing formula, your skin will be left looking visibly younger, and healthier in a matter of weeks. This moisturizer will help your skin bounce back to it's younger days, leaving you looking fresh faced and more youthful, with an anti-shine finish to your newly fresh appearance.

Bulldog Oil Control Face Mask

Fight off that excess sebum with this all natural matifying face mask, specially formulated for men. Sit back, and relax whilst this effective formula works to draw out impurities embedded in your oily skin. As the clay finds it's way to unclog your pores, and to fight off your unwanted waste oil, you can look forward to having clearer, smooth looking skin in as little as 5 minutes.

Bulldog Oil Control Face Scrub

If you are looking for something that requires minimal effort, but maximum results, this oil controlled face scrub is the one for you. The anti-shine formula, which has been specifically designed for use by men will help to tackle that excess sebum, leaving your skin smooth and hydrated throughout the day.

Bulldog Oil Control Face Wash

Offering a daily cleanse, this face wash works hard to reduce excess sebum, sweat and pollutions from your skin by offering gentle exfoliation, leaving your skin looking elasticated and fresh. Insert this anti-shine formula into your daily grooming routine to reveal your clean and clear complexion.

Bulldog Oil Control Blemish Targeter

Let Bulldog's blemish targeter create a visible difference to your skin by tackling your blemishes. This superfine anti-shine solution will help to fight off unwanted dark spots for a visibly even, and radiant finish to your skin.