You might be thinking that adding a lip balm for men into your grooming routine is essential when we are approaching winter. However, with summer thankfully just around the corner, you’ll be surprised to learn that now is as important time as ever to look after this part of your face. Here are 6 of the best men’s lip balms out there on the men’s skin care market, all specifically designed with men in mind.

Recipe for Men Super Smooth Lip Balm

Once the weather starts turning cold, the one skin problem that men have to deal with is chapped lips. How can you indulge in an all-night make out session with your significant other if your lips are dry, chapped, or worse, bleeding? This is a dilemma that you can address by using a product like the Super Smooth Lip Balm. Manufactured by Recipe for Men, its balmy formula is specifically mixed for all the gentlemen out there who would like to have soft, smooth lips.

The Recipe for Men Super Smooth Lip Balm has Parkii butter, lanolin, olus oil, menthol, Rosmarinus leaf extract, and other natural ingredients. Once applied, the formula immediately works to condition dry lips and heal the skin of chapped lips, which is usually a result of wind damage. It also has a combination of vitamin E and Shea butter to help smoothen the skin. That burst of menthol from the lip balm tube also provides a cooling, soothing effect. With the Recipe for Men Super Smooth Lip Balm, you can easily say goodbye to dry, chapped lips and hello to a soft, kissable pucker.

Polaar Men Lapland Lip Balm Tube

If you have dry, chapped lips, you probably don’t want to buy one of those cherry-flavored lip balms that your girlfriend uses. Thankfully, there are male-oriented products in the market today which are targeted to treat male skin problems. To soften your lips up, use something like the Polaar Men Lapland Lip Balm. The lip balm comes in an easy-to-use lip tube and the formulation helps address the problem of having wind-burned or sunburned lips.

The Lapland Lip Balm Tube is part of a line of products from Polaar which is specifically formulated for men’s skin. The Intensive Repair Lip Balm contains raspberries, lingon berries, and blackberries, which have powerful antioxidants to protect your lips from harsh weather elements, as well as pollution. It also has a non-greasy formula so you won’t feel weird at all after each application. It also has a clear instead of a rosy or red hue, so you will still look your best while sporting pucker-worthy lips. To treat, moisturise, and protect your lips, try using the Polaar Men Lapland Lip Balm Tube.

Jack Black Intense Therapy Mint Lip Balm

Mint is one of the most soothing natural ingredients out there, which is why it’s usually incorporated into men’s skin care products. Once the weather turns cold, you’d want to keep a tube of the Jack Black Intense Therapy Mint Lip Balm handy to enjoy the cool flavor or mint on your lips. The product is enriched with natural ingredients that soothe dry, chapped, or wind-damaged lips. To offer superior skin protection, it’s also formulated with SPF 25. Those with sensitive skin can be rest assured that they will not suffer from possible allergens from the product because it’s made without artificial fragrances, colorants, alcohol, and it is dermatologist-tested.

During cold or super-humid, dry days, apply the Jack Black Intense Therapy Mint Lip Balm generously on the lips. It works doubly as protection from the sun, so apply it about thirty minutes before going out to enjoy its full-fledged SPF benefits. Lastly, the natural mint content of the lip balm also helps freshen breath, so you’ll feel that extra burst of confident when talking up-close-and-personal with your partner.

Vitaman Soothing Lip Moisturiser

Pollution, extremely dry or windy weather, and even the unhealthy indoor air quality in your air conditioned offices can cause your lips to dry. To address this, why not use a product like the Vitaman Soothing Lip Moisturiser to pouf up your chaps? Vitaman is an Australian brand of skin care products which are specially formulated to address male skin problems.

Just like all the other variants under the Vitaman product line, the Soothing Lip Moisturiser does not contain parabens, SLS, glycols, artificial colorants, fragrances, or phthalates. It’s dermatologist-tested and is pH balanced to suit the natural chemistry of guys skin. To maintain the suppleness and softness of your lips, it’s formulated with unique Australian plant ingredients. It also has the refreshing scent of spearmint. When you’re gearing up for an all-night make out session with boo, or if you simply want to address the problem of having dry, chapped, wind burned lips, try using the Vitaman Soothing Lip Moisturiser.

Fit Skin Care Men’s Lip Balm

Who says that only women can use lip products? Thanks to companies like FIT Skincare, which specifically cater to male clientele, gents can now use a non-lipstick product to protect their lips from drying out or chapping. Fit is a company from right here in the UK which manufactures outstanding skin care products, and the Men’s Lip Balm is a no-fuss, straightforward, and effective product that men can use.

It’s actually a serum that can be used to help heal dry, cracked, or even bleeding lips. This is usually a result of exposure from sun, wind, pollution, and other harsh elements when you’re going about your daily activities. To combat dryness, the FIT Skincare Lip Balm is formulated with natural ingredients to help soothe and soften the skin. The blend of marine and botanical ingredients, as well as vitamin C, offer superior skin care protection. It also has calendula, and vitamin C to help soothe and heal damaged skin. All in all, Fit Skin Care Men’s Lip Balm is a no-fuss product that men can use to take good care of their lips.

Evolution Man Lip Balm

What’s the first thing that you look for when buying a skin care product? Apart from the price, you should consider if it’s something that will suit the type of skin that you have. Let’s say that you’re suffering from dry, cracked, or chapped lips because you’re working outdoors all day. You would not want to use the cherry-flavored lip balm that your girlfriend uses. A better option is something like the Evolution Man Lip Balm, which has a long-lasting matte finish. This means that your chapped lip problem will be resolved – but minus the rosy hue typically associated with lip balms for women.

The Evolution Man Lip Balm is specially formulated for you, gents, so you won’t have to worry about feeling weird applying it on your lips. The balm is made from beeswax which has naturally hydrating properties. Whether the dryness of our lips is caused by extremely dry or cold weather, just one application of this lip balm will soothe the pain away. It also has shea butter, sunflower seed oil, vitamin E, and SPF 15 to provide sun protection. More importantly, the Evolution Man Lip balm has a long-lasting formula so you won’t have to apply as frequently. If you have sensitive skin, this product is perfect because it is made free from parabens, sulfates, artificial colorants, and fragrances.