So, you’ve been grafting all day long and all you want to do is jump in the shower, wake up your skin and feel remotely human for the evening. Sound familiar? Well gentlemen, there’s some good news coming your way. In this week’s Men's Grooming blog, we’ve hand picked six of our summer blockbusters from U.S based brand Billy Jealousy. Promising to take care of you skin, beard and hair, this super six collective will almost certainly let you put your best face forward, whether you’re meeting the guys down your local for heavy session or taking the wifey out on date night.

Devils Delight Beard Oil - 60ml

Raise some hell with this deviously delightful beard oil. Vegan friendly and cruelty free. Who said hell had to be bad!! This natural ingredients formula will help eliminate the itching occurred from either big or small beard. It also reduces flakes from the skin, due to dryness and it lovingly moisturisers the beard hair and skin to protect against these common problems. Packed inside with Avocado Oils and Sweet Almond for super nourishment and strengthening properties. The solution adds a small shine to the beard without you looking like a shampoo advert. The vitamins A, B & E from the Almond Oil, help to protect the beard hair and protection to the facial hair and skin under the beard is something that men can often oversee in their routines. Treat your beard to some TLC chaps, your beard will probably need it and you'll be thankful that you did maintain it. Fuller, thicker and lush looking beards to leave the ladies and/or men swoon after.

Beard Quencher - 88ml

Did you know your beard is probably thirsty? Billy Jealously does for sure anyway, which is why they have released the 'Beard Quencher' for you gents out there. Douse a small amount into the beard before applying any other products to ensure it has you protected. This product, unlike a beard oil is naturally faster at absorbing into the hair and skin underneath. It's formula rich with some key ingredients allows for it to be so quick absorbing and brilliant. Amino Acids that promote healthy beard growth by stimulating it. Panthenol, which is a Provitamin Conditioner. Black Oat Seed, a great water retaining activator that helps towards repairing damaged hair. And lastly of course Shea Butter, which is ultra protective in locking in moisture. It seals and protects for long lasting hydration. Together the elixir drenches the beard with its combined regiments above and works fast to fight against frizz, aiding towards re-texturing and give you long lasting nourishment. Ideally afterwards your beard will be stronger and happier.

Monsoon Mist Tea Tree Shampoo - 236ml

Give your hair and scalp some revitalising cleansing. Tea Tree actively energises and works to clean dirt and any build up of any hair products. A natural anti-bacterial active that leaves a tingly feeling over your skin as it goes deep to draw out impurities. Tea Tree Oil is massive in the market for beauty and healthcare for how it tackles blemishes and its renewing properties. It gives volume to the hair whilst thickening it. Your roots and follicles will unclog and become nourished. A powerful and botanical agent for your hairs health. Your scalp should be looked after just as much as your face and body. Infused together we have Peppermint, to give you a minty and cleansing feeling. And Rosemary Leaf Extract which stimulates follicles on your head to give your longer and stronger hair. Jojoba Seed Oil also is used as it prevents split-ends or breakage along the hair. It also improves your hair growth giving you more volume over a period of time. An excellent choice to thicken and maximise your hair.

Typhoon Tango Tea Tree Conditioner - 236ml

An infusion of 3 botanical extracts creates this smashingly great conditioner. Tea Tree Oil is poured into this thick and moisturising hair product, like its sister product the 'Monsoon Mist Tea Tree Shampoo'. Tea Tree, with its antibacterial properties helps to strip dirt and oils and provides man benefits to your hairs health. Unclogging hair follicles, cleaning and nourishing down to the roots of your hair. All rounder, a fantastic option for your hair and scalp. Rosemary Leaf Extract also mixed into this product provides aid and support by stimulating the follicles on your scalp, for more durable and lengthier hair growth. A gentle botanical extract to boost your hairs overall appearance and feel. Lastly minty fresh Peppermint Oil helps to revive the scalp and improves circulation for achieving much thicker hair. Typhoon Tango factors in Coconut Oil for hydration and nourishment, this aids towards a lustrous shine. For top results - lather into wet hair and massage into the scalp and run through with your fingertips. Leave on for 2/3 minutes and rinse out with warm to cool water. You'll be left with thicker, fuller and well moisturised hair.

Assassin Bar None Salicylic Face Wash - 236ml

Suitable for all types, but superb for those with combination and oily skin. Infused with Salicylic Acid (1.9%), which is a Beta Hydroxy Acid. It is great for deep exfoliating, rids away dead skin cells and opens clogged pores. This in turn reduces the build up of excess sebum - which leads to acne problems and blemishes. Its formula also contains Arnica & Sage Extracts which power through at purifying the skin and aiding to unclog pores. Like the Salicylic Acid, another great active is the Vitamin A (or Retinol). It retextures and evens out the skins tone. This cleanser is gentle and can be used daily as a non-abrasive approach to cleaning your face. You'll leave essential moisture in the skin, only dispersing dirt and unwanted oils. It's a fantastic option for those who enjoy a close shave. A good citrus aroma that leaves you feeling uplifted. Follow up with a facial moisturiser to gain the best results from this brilliant daily cleanser.

No. 1 Tinman Beard Wax - 57g

Created with cruelty free Beeswax comes Billy Jealousy's Tinman No. 1 Beard Wax. The super nourishing wax grants you an amazing sculpting and styling applicator. Suitable for all beards styles, the full faced, Old Dutch and even to the goatee. Its key ingredients include cruelty free Beeswax, which adds glossiness and overall strength. Glycerin, which again strengthens the beard whilst softening it as humectant-rich conditioner. Lastly Lanolin Wax helps to seal the hair on your beard shaft and keep hydration in by preventing moisture loss. The beard wax works wonders for taming unruly and wild beard hair. Provides nourishment, conditioning and aids towards reducing any itching and dry, flakiness. A brilliant option for men with a great beard who wish to keep it in top health. Just rub a small dollop in the palm of your hands and emulsify it. Work straight into the beard and style as preferred. It is scented with a sweet peach, white musk, vanilla and ocean breeze combination. So you'll be left with a rich, sweet and uplifting aroma. The 'Tinman Wax' grants a much better hold than Billy Jealousy's 'Beard Control' if you're after something with stronger consistency. That being said this product will ensure you a more flexible and durable hold.