Young GuyAfter spending most of my early 20's believing I was invincible in the bathroom, a few years ago I was in for a big shock, as late school nights, sun beds and a lack of appropriate skin care began to take its toll on my appearance. I started noticing that my skin tone was no longer even, my mild acne scars looked a little more defined and my whole complexion just looked far too fatigued.


I'd always dabbled in a little skin care, mainly from your normal high street brands like L'Oreal and Nivea for men, but after suffering with substantial acne throughout my teens, I found during my early 20's that my skin was simply less prone to breakouts when simply left alone.


After seeing a demise in my skin's vitality and condition over a few short months, I knew I needed to claw back the power, starting with discovering just what my skin type was (normal). I also began to look at suitable ingredients for men's skin and found in particular that Green Tea, Caffeine and Salicylic Acid were regularly raved about as having fantastic qualities.


Having spent the last two years perfecting my skin care regime and trying countless products, I'm very proud to introduce to you a few of my key recommendations and guidelines for fantastic skin during your twenties. The fact is gentlemen, that getting to grips on your grooming standards today will undoubtedly benefit you throughout your 30's, 40's and beyond. The first thing I’d say is don't take your skin for granted. Look after it each and every day and it will inevitably end up looking after you!


Recipe For Men SPF15 MoisturiserNow, I’m not particularly feminine. I don't get off on trying loads of different creams and potions to improve my skin. I like simple, quick and effective products. I couldn't think of anything worse than whipping out an entire assortment of skin care products after rugby training, it would be a killer. However, on the other hand, this doesn’t give me an excuse to not look after my skin. I just had to change the way I did it.


I started off by using a daily moisturiser that contained an SPF. There is no end to the amount of damage that UV rays do to your skin and whilst you don't necessarily see the full effects in your 20's, you don't want to get caught out further down the line, so this was the first product I put in place, Recipe For Men's SPF15 Moisturiser.


I began reading and realising for myself how important it is to leave your pores fresh and unclogged. It works wonders when you're trying to achieve a nice even finish to your complexion, as well as trying to get rid that odd imperfection. For this, I began using Nickel's Anti Blemish Face Scrub, however, have had to switch to Polaar Men's Facial Scrub as this has recenlty been discontinued. Both work extremely well and you really get that soft and supple dermis that leaves you looking equally as refreshed.


Polaar Icy MagicThere was nothing worse than that tired, hung-over Monday morning commute into work and during this time, which seemed to stretch to Friday around 5pm, my eyes would occasionally look depleted and baggy. I know they say that getting eight hours is vital and downing about 20 pints (slightly over the top) of water a day gets rid of them, but I was living in the real world. Of course, I looked after myself, but there are definitely those distractions along the way and for this, I needed a shortcut for that odd late night or big weekend with the boys. I found it in the form of Polaar's Icy Magic, an eye roll on that is applied to the under eye area to instantly revitalize them. I read about Icy Magic in an article in Ape to Gentlemen and immediately thought 'I need to get on that'. After a few weeks of daily wear, my dark circles and puffy eyes seemed to vanish and from then on, Icy Magic has never left my bedside table.


If you're anything like me, I love to look great on a night out and for this , it's time to call in the big guns. Lab Series' BB Tinted Moisturiser and MMUK MAN's concealer stick for men. From zero to hero, there is no skin issues that this deadly duo cannot disguise and whilst they don't offer long term regeneration, they provide me with the quick fix I need before a big night out on the town. The occasional spot, blemish or razor burn, regardless of the odd skin complaint that still springs a surprise on my complexion, there’s certainly nothing held back by these two, helping me quickly regain maximum confidence.


Taylor Of Old Bond Street Night CreamFinally gents, I found a massive improvement after wearing night cream for a couple of weeks. My entire complexion looked healthier, calmed and soft with just a quick application of Taylor Of Old Bond Street's Night Cream before bed. One of my favourite products, this night cream seemed like a great alternative to just applying SPF moisturiser before bed, which is obviously not needed. It creates the perfect blank canvas if you like, and the vitality you wake up to will make it a permanent fixture in your grooming routine for years and years to come I’m sure.


By sticking to this handful of bathroom essentials gentlemen, you can more than comfortably guide your skin through your twenties, giving you the perfect recipe for success beyond the big 30. Affordable, quick and leaving your ego well and truly intact, get ahead of the game today.