Winter is most definitely here in England and you’re all probably wondering why your skin is feeling dryer and tighter. Turns out lads, you’re more dehydrated than you think, so get yourself hydrated the correct way yes. We’ve put together our favourite hydrating skincare products in an easy-to-follow regime. To get your skin looking healthier and softer for the Christmas party season. We’re guessing you’ve got at least a couple of Christmassy dos to head to and probably a New Years Eve as well? You’ve got time now to get on your skincare game and treat your skin with a little respect. I mean why neglect the part of you that is visible to you and the world. You’ll be surprised the number of compliments that can come your way if you look after your skin properly. Follow our Hydrating Skincare Guide to ensure your skin is protected on the outside, whilst you tackle what’s on inside by drinking more water this season. Let’s face it, that would be weird if we could do that for you too.

Cleanser – (Blind Barber Daily Face Cleanser) - £16 (now £13)

We have chosen to start the regime off with Blind Barber and their Wild Watermint infused daily cleanser. It is a great choice for its versatility in being able to be used daily. With a balancing formula, the cleanser rids your face from residual dirt, oils and bacteria that lay across your skin. It gently, but firmly tackles these impurities and rids them from the face, leaving behind a nice base to then exfoliate onto. The solution creates a rich lather that foams nicely across the face, so only a small dollop is needed with each use. You’ll strip the skin from dirt deep within, without over drying the skin. It is infused alongside Wild Watermint with Juniper Berries which promotes a stimulating astringent and detoxifying property to the skin. Blind Barber uses hydration agents within their cleanser to promote better hydrated skin and moisture retention. The formula is packed full of herbal extracts too. Cleansing your skin is important to give yourself a clean slate to work upon.

Exfoliator – (Anthony Logistics Facial Scrub for Men) - £36 (now £30)

Exfoliation is the next step in our skincare routine. It is just as an important step and one shouldn’t overlook it and is best done after cleansing the face. Exfoliating the skin encourages better circulation, lifts build-up of dead skin cells, deep oils and bacteria that reside in your skin, stimulates cell renewal and can brighten your complexion. It is important though to find a scrub that doesn’t strip the face too much hydration wise. We love our bright orange Anthony Logistics face scrub for its ability to do the points above and more. Not only does it tackle the logistics above (pun was intended), it has a formula that punches the skin with goodness. You’ll be left completely revitalised, brighter, smoother and smothered with a powerful blast of Vitamin C. This aids in protecting you against future environmental aggressors. Using a micro-fine size presence of Bora Bora sand to slough away what is not needed on the face. The formula contains Chamomile extract which is powerful for its soothing and hydrating benefits to the skin. We recommend washing off the scrub with lukewarm water and a tiny amount of the Blind Barber Daily Face Cleanser.

Toning – (House 99 Spruce Up Toning Lotion) - £18

Now toning is still a term many guys are often confused about. What does it do? Do I really need to wate my coin on this? A blunt answer from me is yes. A toner provides you with a thin layer that preps the skin for the next stages of your regime. Toners are usually quite watery based products and work best when soaked on a cotton pad. You have the option whilst sweeping it across your face and neck to pick up any dirt and grime that may have been missed from the previous cleansing stages. The solution then layers the skin like a veil to provide another protective barrier against the outside world. Toners rebalance the skins pH, correct, tone, purify, absorb into the skin quickly, refresh, prevent ingrown hairs and can give the illusion of smaller pores. They actively help to transport more potent skincare products such as highly concentrated serums, far deeper into the skins layers to provide better treatment. We have chosen to use House 99’s Spruce Up Toning Lotion for its key abilities to refresh, calm and hydrate the skin. It is developed to replenish natural moisture levels and energise the skin treated. It leaves one more comfortable, rejuvenated and cooled once applied. Splashing the skin with moisture to keep your skin bouncier, softer and protected.

Serum – (Fit Skincare Eye Serum for Men) - £60

Serums are the skincare industries version of an ‘Elixir of life’. They are usually presented in smaller volumes due to their highly potent chemical structures and botanical goodness. They are often the most expensive product in the line of skincare regimes. Extracts are sourced from around the globe to deliver visible results to the skin. They usually contain higher quality and more concentrated ingredients. The formulas contain molecules that are far smaller, so the skin absorbs them quicker and more deeply. A serum isn’t truly necessary, but we believe that you should include one if you are looking for noticeably better results to your skin. If used routinely you’ll notice a complexion that is fresher, younger and healthier. We have chosen to feature Fit Skincare and their eye serum for its ability to nourish the area around your eyes. It is potent and leaves your eye area looking more refreshed (great for those parties we’re getting ourselves ready for!) and contains, Acetyl Tetrapeptide-5, Cucumber and Hyaluronic Acid to splash the skin with hydration and keep skin looking quenched. You’ll knock out those dark circles, eye bags and puffiness in one swoop if used consistently in your regime. The ingredients once applied to the skin get to work as soon as this hit the skins surface. Eyedrate means Eye Hydrate and we are all here for that!

Moisturising – (Dermalogica Intensive Moisture Balance) - £42.50

By this point in the regime your skin should have been splashed with hydration and moisture retaining products. This next step and chosen product will reinforce and further fortify everything you know about hydration on the skin. We wanted to end the regime on a strong product that is clinically proven to boost moisture in and on the skin. Dermalogica’s Intensive Moisture Balance delivers a 10-layer deep skin nourishment. Using a formulated BioReplenish Complex, which is a structured combination/compound of active ingredients that are transported deep into the skin. You’re left with longer-lasting effects that work towards your skin’s natural barrier recovery, retention to moisture and hydration lock-in, resilience and guarding against dryness. The moisturiser is rich at keeping your skin nourished and softer, whilst tackling active natural aggressors that work to strip the moisture from the face. Imagine having a giant watery shield in front of your face that keeps drenching the skin with moisture, whilst absorbing all the damaging factors that work towards negating that from your skin. We believe finalising your 5-step routine with this intensive and balancing moisturiser by Dermalogica is a smart choice. By this stage you should practically be aquatic.