If you're looking for some serious style inspiration, great grooming tips, or perhaps to sit back and unwind over some creative lifestyle content - here's ten men's blog that guarantee to enrich your masculinity.

The G Edit

Created by Gianni Casagrande, a writer, photographer and social media executive, The G Edit promises to take you on a journey of self-improvement and enrichment. The G Edit was founded in 2013, where Gianni began writing about which face products were particularly useful in his battle with acne. Since then, his devoted men's blog has organically grown, to cover a wide range of topics including grooming, fashion and food and provides a one stop location for gentlemen to get their weekly does of inspiration.

Zoel Hernandez

From discussing the latest fashion trends, to writing about his love for traveling and baking, Zoel Hernandez grips every single reader with his humbleness, honesty - oh and not to mention his captivating imagery. If you take the time to visit Zoel's blog, you can experience unparalleled insights into the world of men's grooming and lifestyle, as well as go on a journey with him through some of Europe's most exciting cities.

John Bingham

If he's not catching up with one of London's most talked about artists, he'll be writing about the male grooming market's latest additions, or reviewing a whole host of luxury alcoholic beverages. John Bingham's blog is an inspiring supplement for the modern day man and with his scrumptious imagery and haul of in-depth posts, there's simply so much fresh and exciting content for you to get your teeth into.

The Gentleman Select

Combining culture and fashion, The Gentleman Select blog was created with the view to assist modern gentlemen through their natural evolution. Focusing primarily on fashion, lifestyle, motoring and leisure, editor-in-chief Peter creates high-quality and engaging content, as well as offers valuable advice on a whole host of male subjects. From formal fashion tips, to men's skin care tricks and everything in-between, The Gentleman Select guarantees to have your back.


Maketh-The-Man is an essential guide to every facet of the modern man's life and deals solely in world-renowned and widely unparalleled content. Covering every aspect of men's interests, including travel, food and drink, tech and male grooming, co-editors Anton Welcome and Callum Watt lead a five man strong team, dedicated to helping gentlemen all over the world look and feel their very best. Becoming one of their latest readers, means you'll simply never run out of places to visit, exciting new things to eat and revolutionary male grooming products to slip into your routine, amongst others.

I'm Peter

Bringing the red carpet to your very own abode, the much coveted I'm Peter blog focuses on high street fashion, fitness and the latest trends from within the cauldron of the male beauty world. I'm Peter was created to document the personal style of founder Peter Mitchell, as he offers everyday style advice on both tailored and casual fashion. If you're searching for a new look this weekend, let Peter take you through the in's and out's of what's hot right now.

Curtis Luke

Created and authored by Curtis Roscoe just this year, Curtis Luke explores that latest goings on in the world of fashion, by putting his own unique and quirky twist on it. Built to help gentlemen discover the evolving trends from within the industry, Curtis also gives you the low down on things like which accessories to combine, what type of glasses to wear, as well as how to successfully pull off a pocket square.

Man For Himself

Created in 2012 by Robin James, Man For Himself and his hugely popular YouTube channel examines men's lifestyle, grooming and style with each and every innovative post. With his aim of keeping his readers finger's firmly on the fashion pulse, Robin guarantees that you'll leave his blog more enriched, inspired and excited to try and test new trends and brands than ever before.

Marc Gamboa

If you're serious about skin care and committed to your complexion then the fountain of knowledge offered by Marc Gamboa at his luxury men's lifestyle blog is certainly one you'll want to drink from. Marc offers insightful reviews of a wide variety of men's beauty products, including moisturisers, skin serums and eye creams and delves deeper into each and every product than any other men's skin care blog. Combining beautiful and unique lifestyle imagery, with fresh and straight-talking content, there's little surprise that this blog remains untouchable at the very top of the grooming tree.

Thomas Benjamin Cooper

Saving one of the best until last, Thomas Benjamin Cooper was created by Tom to offer men's grooming, lifestyle and fashion advice to thoroughly enhance and refine his readers tastes. From grooming tips, beverage reviews and fashion favourites, right through to super-car tasters and tech advances, there's plenty of engaging content to enrich the 'true gentleman'. Boasting a war chest of unique and exciting posts, Ape To Gentleman is your go to place for all things masculine.