Anti-aging and anti-wrinkle products aren’t exactly a new thing in the men’s grooming courtyard. For years, big brands such as Lab Series, L’Oreal Men Expert and Clinique Skin Supplies For Men have targeted men over 40 with specialised products, devoted to making them look younger. However, which ones really do deserve their place amongst the markets’ elite , which ones have stood the telling test of time and which ones have fallen well and truly flat on their face?

Today, and our team have put together a list of the Top 5 Anti-Aging Skin Care Products For Men, in a bid to shine a light on this section of the market. With so many products out there these days, you’d be forgiven for being lost in the mirage of it all. However, we’re here to make it simple. From face creams, serum’s and specific anti-wrinkle treatments, we’ll show you how you can roll back the years in just a few short weeks, leaving your complexion energized, refreshed and most importantly, youthful.

Good skin care comes down to basic science. Create good formulas with the right components and you’re going to find yourself in the right playing field. One company who plays all the right cards at the right time when it comes to anti-aging is Polaar Men. Derived from ingredients that are found in the Arctic and Antarctic regions of the globe, this organic skin care range for men plays host to a superb collection, most notably their Anti Aging Care – a triple action face moisturiser that lifts, firms and corrects the complexion to leave it fully HD ready. Powerful in its place and feeling incredibly good upon application, this potent age reverser sinks in quickly and leaves aging imperfections running for the hills in its pursuit of providing you with skin from back in the day.

Powered with Glycolic Acid, Echinacea Extract and Aloe Barbadenis Leaf Juice, Billy Jealousy’s Anti-Aging Men’s Face Serum makes it in at four on our countdown with its powerful components packing a considerable punch in the male grooming ring. Fight tired and fatigued eyes, fine lines and drooping skin all in one with this heavy duty face serum, effectively alleviating three of the biggest signs of ageing in men. With just a few drops added to your daily skin care regiment, Billy Jealousy’s face serum quickly gets to work on providing a targeted treatment to your confidence crippling skin.

In at third is L’Oreal Vita Lift 5 Moisturiser for men, tackling five key signs of ageing. Sagging skin, tired looking complexions and uneven skin tone is quickly corrected with this twice daily moisturiser, that also reduces the appearance of wrinkles and targets age spots, blighters particularly common in men over 50. What makes L’Oreal’s Vita Lift 5 such a good option is the price. Whilst it’s not as luxurious as Polaar’s and the texture is a little heavier and not as suitable for oily skin types, it does appeal to the masses, who haven’t necessarily got hundreds of pounds to invest in their grooming routine each and every month. It’s quick and decisive and it leaves the skin very well moisturised too.

Next, it’s the turn of Polaar's Icy Magic Eye Roll on to steal the limelight. This very high performance eye cream instantly cools the under eye area upon application and completely diffuses the situation, crippled by unwanted dark circles, eye bags and those dreaded crow’s feet. Icy Magic is used by most age groups of men, but particularly popular in those over 35 struggling to balance all those stresses and strains in life. Fatigued eyes are no more with this complete hangover buster and within 4-6 weeks can improve the condition and definition of your peepers that much, you’ll look up to 8 years younger. Now there’s a thought!

Finally, we introduce the ULTIMATE skin care saviour from MMUK MAN and their imperfection busting Concealer Stick For Men. Enriched with anti-oxidants, this powerful game changer makes very light work of wrinkles, fatigue, blemishes and age spots, as well as covers dark and bag ridden eyes. The all-round grooming wingman, sometimes gentlemen, when the damage is done, you have to face the facts and call in for reinforcements. Camouflage all of those painful imperfections associated with age in a quick instant and when combined with a great eye cream and anti-aging serum, proves to be the attacking spearhead of complete anti-ageing care system, that every man surely must sit up and take not of. Cover up has never been so natural than with MMUK MAN and with this bathroom heavyweight, you can quickly kick aging skin well and truly to the curb.