Looking at men's skincare from a whole new angle for a moment, today it's not just what moisturisers and toners you opt to use to achieve your perfect complexion. instead, we'll be looking at some of the key foods out there and how slipping in a combination of all, or a few favourites into your diet, can bag you one hell of a boost in the bathroom. Bulk up your grooming regime with our carefully selected list of power foods, that can help you finally banish dry, damaged and imperfection prone skin. So gentlemen, let's get to work!


Avocados - Whether you're getting it down your favourite Mexican restaurant, or picking up a batch on your way home from work, Avocados are a sure fire way to get your skin's hydration back on track. Prevent over drying and dehydrated skin with this powerful antioxidant, the perfect little ingredient to a variety of dishes. This tasty super food is also packed with Vitamin E, boosting your skin's natural hydration barrier and making you less reliant on miniaturisation.


Tomatoes - Slow down cellular damage from harmful toxins and environmental pollutants by eating more Tomatoes. Rich in the antioxidant Lycopene, this high performance skin booster has also been cited as a good treatment to sunburn, with its powerful skin calming properties.


Salmon - The fish oil and Astaxanthin present in Salmon allow you to really blur the lines between aging and youth. Tackle those troublesome fine lines, crow’s feet around the eyes and deep set wrinkles by slotting in one or two portions to your diet each week and enjoy the long term regeneration of your complexion. Besides its other health benefits, Salmon also ticks another huge box in your weekly anti aging routine.


Walnuts - Combine your new diet with a handful of Walnuts every other day and its Omega 3 base goes a long way towards a fresher and more glowing complexion. Walnuts are a great source of this key skin care composite and are a great alternative to Salmon, should this not be on your taste buds wish list.


Eggs - The power of eggs should never be underestimated gentlemen. Rejuvenation in your skin and a younger looking appearance all stems from your skin's ability to promote skin cell regeneration. A key composite to this is your body's core protein reserves. Whilst frying up a load of eggs isn't the right way to go, combine a poached egg with some antioxidant rich Spinach and prepare for one almighty skin cell revival.


A few general rules include making sure you get your five-a-day. Fruit and vegetables contain strong antioxidants that help to preserve the skin's cellular barrier, as well as prevent damage from pollutants. Skin, after all is your biggest organ and should be looked after just like any other. Vitamins A and E are essential stepping stones to a brighter and imperfection free complexion and should never be underestimated.


Remember gents, the best way to skin care success is by making small subtle changes to your diet. Starting on a Monday morning with a whole new game plan is likely to fail at the first hurdle, so we recommend picking a few of your favourites from above and fitting them into your weekly diet where and when you can. Don’t be afraid of fatty foods and should you be suffering with a specific skin complaint, like Acne or Rosacea, check out specific food groups available, proven to improve your condition.