Men's BB Cream is not exactly a new thing in the male grooming world. 2012 saw the release of Lab Series’ BB Cream For Men, as well as MMUK MAN releasing their own, equally as impressive version, towards the latter stages of that year. In today's men's skincare blog, we'll be running the rule over the best men's BB Creams out there at the moment, in a bid to shine the light on some of these skin care 'Swiss army knives' and to see what ones could finally correct your complexions.

BB Creams originated within the Korean beauty market, before being utilized by more men during the late naughtiest. BB creams were originally derived as a hybrid of powerful skin recovering components used by German dermatologists and common cosmetic coverage ingredients, to create these super charged formulas that the entire beauty industry quickly took notice of.

As we approach the climax of 2015, there are now over fifteen male bb creams on the market, all geared for a variety of different men's grooming needs. The main reason why more and more gentlemen are adopting the use of Blemish Balm (BB) creams are to tackle a wide range of skin conditions, with their powerful healing properties, as well as benefit from immediate cover up and camouflage properties present across all of them.

As gentlemen are fairly simple minded when it comes to choosing their cosmetic products, it would be easy to get lost in the mirage of the growingly busy segment of BB creams within the male beauty industry. In a bid to sort the heroes from the zero's, let us run over the top five out there and point you in the right direction of what one may just prove to be your best ever grooming game changer.

5. Missha Homme Urban Soul Blemish Balm

In fifth place, it's time for Missha Homme's very popular Urban Soul Blemish Balm for men to take center stage. This product is very effective for men who are dealing with either sever spots or indeed acne. Particularly good for acne scaring also with its intense complexion evening base, Urban Soul prove to be a real winner for guys looking for a quick and easy application. Most guys need their cosmetics to look natural, more so if you're a teenager. Urban Soul's is one of the most natural in this department and its ability to support acne troubled skin give it a well-deserved fifth place on our top five countdown.

4. DR Jaart Black Label BB Cream

Common imperfections that men suffer with, such as blemishes, marks and spots are caused by hormonal imbalances and in most cases, oily skin conditions. For this, our fourth best male bb cream, namely Dr Jaart's Black Label BB Cream comes into a league of its own. With its powerful oil balancing skills, the instant control and correction ability of this balm, creates a catalyst for healthier looking skin in seven to ten days, whilst it's subtle cover up properties mean you can enjoy an instant hit of refreshment. Its wonderfully masculine packaging ensure it won't stand out like a sore thumb in your kit bag guys and once more, it's very easy to apply.

3. Lab Series BB Tinted Moisturiser

Lab Series BB Tinted Moisturiser, to this day, remains the stalwart of this category. It was the first real mainstream men's bb cream and the fact that it has an inbuilt hint of colour makes it very popular for men suffering with redness and irritation, caused by either skin conditions or irregular shaving patterns. The 'Tinted Moisturiser' element really works well for most gentlemen, including those with darker skin tones, as typically, the bulk of BB creams are suited best for paler skin tones. It's super slick and very effective and that's the reason why Lab Series will continue to make it onto our hot list. The SPF35 element of tis blemish balm also makes it a popular choice for gentlemen over 40, who inevitably have to pay more attention to the ways in which they are protecting their skin from natures harmful elements like the sun.

2. MMUK MAN BB Cream For Men

MMUK MAN are a British cosmetic company with some real forward thinking products. If you've ever had the pleasure to try out any of their cosmetics, you'll know their sheer performance and quality - at a great price too! One spearhead to their range is their BB cream, the only BB cream to come in multiple shades for all skin types and with enough coverage to even, perfect and correct, even the most hard to manage skin. Likened as a cross between MYEGO's Fonteint Hydrating Enhancer and Lab Series' BB Tinted Moisturiser, this super charged product really takes quick and effective action to get your skin back on track and leave it refreshed and hydrated. A simply fantastic BB cream that is worth every penny!

1. BRTC Sun Defense All In One BB Cream

What better place to finish than with BRTC Homme's Sun Defense All In One BB Cream. Showcasing SPF protection, 100% natural camouflage and skin perfecting qualities to rival the best in the business. BRTC's pinnacle product is by far the best men's grooming product to come from the home of BB creams, Korea and it's dermatological grade skin healing capabilities have left thousands of men clambering for a slice of the action, since its release here in the UK. Used by doctors and Dermatologists still, the All In One BB cream, despite being a little more expensive, will continue to be the unrivalled player in the market and will go from strength to strength going into 2016 and beyond.

If you'd like to know more information on how to apply men's BB cream, there are some great pieces on YouTube. Here at MaleSkin, we're always interest in developing and promoting worthwhile products and in these top 5, we have included some real current and future stars. For any further question on what BB cream may be suitable for you, please feel free to get in touch today.