Bluebeards Shaving CreamIf you're anything like me fellas, shaving, sometimes can seem like a right old chore. There's nothing worse than when you're running late, having to sharpen up before you dash off for the train. Likewise, after a busy day, you're more incline to want to put your feet up in front of the telly, than spend time in the bathroom, worrying about getting it right. I personally find that the best shaves come before a big night out, after devoting a good amount of time to looking good.


It is with this experience that I have teamed up with MaleSkin, to give you advice on the all round perfect, fulfilling and revitalizing shave anytime throughout your week, without having to stress or panic about when you can fit one in to your busy schedule. We're unfortunately not all blessed with a barbers or grooming salon around the corner from work, so for us mere mortals, allow us to provide an insight into good quality shaving in seven simple steps.


Polaar Men's Face ScrubI find that it all starts with a good quality men's face scrub. In your shower before your shave, whether it be immediately before or earlier that day, make sure you adopt a good exfoliator. The reason? Swiping away dead skin cells will cause your stubble's roots to become exposed, resulting in a closer and smoother shave in the long run.


The toughness of stubble and facial hair is something not really noticed by most modern day men, but this doesn't mean it should be underestimated. Use a good quality pre shave oil and splash a few drops into your beard, before rubbing in, allowing it to soften and result in less friction and irritation, both during and after razor time.


Next, when applying your shaving cream, it's highly advisable to use a shaving brush. Using a badger brush for example, causes your hairs to stand on their ends. From here, a closer and smoother shave is achieved with easier and less intrusive swipes of your blade. A little tip from the experts - Make sure you regularly change your razor blades to keep the sharpness of your razor. Failing to do so will result in nicks, bums and soreness, which your skin certainly won't thank you for.


Billy Jealousy Aftershave BalmAfter a thorough shave, be sure to cool down your face by splashing a few drops of cold water onto your skin. This will immediately draw heat away from your face and the soothing element will feel like you're getting the full works from a professional. Use a clean fresh towel to pat dry your face (don't rub) before letting your skin to settle for a few moments.


Finally, with the use of a good quality aftershave balm, apply a drizzle over your skin. This will allow your skin to remain hydrated and thoroughly nourished, whilst your skin restores it's natural balance of defence, in an otherwise intrusive process for your entire face. With a little help from the grooming gods and some practice, cut the time and worry spent on shaving down to size and make it a routine you can look forward to as a de-stressing mechanism.