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The Men Rock shaving range officially goes on sale from today here at MaleSkin.  So gentlemen, we thought upon the idea to combine the launch of this luxury range of goods with a quick and easy guide to mastering the perfect wet shave.  Whether you adopt the shaving products we suggest, or very capable substitutes, the truth is fellas, you are now just 5 steps away from getting a barber shop quality shave in the very comfort of your own home.  


Men Rock Shaving BrushFar gone are the days where a simple shaving cream and mediocre razor would suffice as an acceptable level of  grooming.  Nor should gentlemen accept the very average level of quality offered by over marketed mainstream brands (to remain unnamed).  Whilst the pressure on modern men to look great grows ever more intense, allow your shaving routine to truly flourish with a little interception from the experts.


Whilst some gentlemen may thing that men’s skin care and grooming are completely segregated.  The fact remains that in truth, they are really one in the same.  Seriously enhance the performance of your skin care products for men, by getting everything just right in the shaving department and your skin will certainly thank you for it.


So without further ado, let’s get you back on track with the brand that really does rock!

Men Rock Shaving OilPrime your beard and skin

Building the right foundation blocks to the perfect shave is essential to performance.  Also too, is relaying our message in a clear, manly and concise way.  Preparing for your shave  well can really give you the perfect head start in managing and styling your beard.  For this, all that is needed is a bowl of fairly warm water (not smoldering as this will increase irritation) and a good quality pre shave oil.


By dampening your face adequately, and rubbing just two or three drops of pre shave oil into your beard, you’re really going to increase lubrication and break down tough and typically hard to manage hair fibers before you even pick up a cream or razor.


Work with your shaving brush

Men Rock Shaving CreamThe next two products you need are a shaving cream and shaving brush of your choice.  Some gentlemen go for your standard shaving brush (averaging around the £8 mark) and other go for a badger hair alternative, to really basque in a little bit of luxury.  Whatever your choice fellas, they can work wonders with a good quality shaving cream.


Simply and lightly spin the brush into your shaving cream for a few seconds before applying the product to the entirety of your beard.  Using a brush generates a thicker and more protective lather from your cream and in turn promotes a closer and more comfortable shave.  The better the brush, the less shaving cream you need, effectively meaning it can pay for itself in the money you save on shaving cream, within just a matter of months.  Don’t be afraid to keep going back to your cream until you have enough enriching lather covering your entire beard.


Men Rock Double Edge RazorRazor Time 

Once you’ve covered the entirety of your facial hair with cream, it’s time to implement a good quality razor.  Men Rock’s Double Edge Razor is a favourite within the wider market, due to it’s more precise and easier to navigate ability.  In reality, using any form of straight or double edged razor will work wonders, regardless of whether you wish to trim, style or remove your facial hair completely.  Directing your razor towards your chin at all times, now is the point where easy razor glide and a more comfortable shave will become more apparent as you chop away unwanted facial hair.


Needless to say, the three steps you have taken already will be working wonders for your skin at this point, as protection, re-nourishment and re-hydration are effortlessly achieved.  Depending on your speed, you may be able to complete your entire shave in one sitting, but if you wish to add more shaving cream to tougher areas you certainly can.  Over gliding on un-lubricated skin often leads to unnecessary irritation - so remember to cut it out!


Rinse and Dry 

Men Rock Post Shave BalmWhen you’ve finished, rinse your face well in the same water and pat dry your face with a clean towel.  Do not rub!  Rubbing will generate more irritation.  After all, your skin’s gone through enough.  


Take out the burn 

Quickly moving on, now it’s time to implement the Aftershave Balm.  Take the heat and sting out of post shaved skin as well as re-balancing your skin’s condition with a good quality post shave balm.  Perfect for battling post shave irritation, such as redness, a good quality balm will cap off your entire shaving routing in style.  A luxury aftershave balm is your real connection to skin care products for men and really primes your post shaved skin before the implementation of the likes of moisturiser and cosmetics.