In the final instalment of Baxter of California's takeover of the MaleSkin blog, we take you through the final men's grooming kit's in their range. From hair bundles, body care sets and deodorant trios, right through to shaving kits and male grooming gifts, if you're already a fan of the brand and you want to take your bathroom performance to a whole new level, this men's skin care blog is well worth a read. Baxter of California is now available online at your number one male skin care shop.

Travel Grooming Bundle

Convenient options to cover all bases? Baxter of California presents its top grooming range in a handy travel-size option. The bundle will tackle you from head-to-toe and provide you with a premium cleaning experience. Don’t let your travel disrupt your grooming regime, you can take it on the road with you. Inside you’ll find these brilliant pieces

Sulphate-Free Daily Face Wash: 2 oz – This formula helps to cleanse the face without drying it out. Your skin will feel clean and fresh and any impurities removed. The gentle formula is suitable for everyone and makes an excellent choice in the morning to set you up for the next part of your regime

Daily Fortifying Shampoo: 2 oz – Reinforce your hair with this wheat protein and vitamin E infused formula. It breaks down the oils and impurities in your hair and along your scalp to leave you feeling fresh and clean. The formula works to promote healthier hair growth and durability

Daily Fortifying Conditioner: 2 oz – The second part of the duo, contains the same iconic strengthening formula that will hydrate and nourish the hair after its cleansing. Vitamin E and wheat protein fortify the strength of the hair and help keep it safeguarded for the day ahead.

Aluminium-Free Deodorant: 1.2 oz – Aluminium-free, this award-winning deodorant is suitable for those with sensitive skin. Providing odour neutralising abilities to the skin. Day long protection for every skin type. It will not discolour or stain clothing.

Deo Trio

A multi-saving set of customer favourite and award-winning Deodorant by Baxter of California. A solid gel formula that is perfect for sensitive skin. It won’t discolour or stain clothing. It features witch hazel and tea tree to disinfect and tackle odours caused by bacteria. Chamomile extracts provide soothing and hydrating properties for the skin. It has a light herbaceous and musky scent. This set contains

Deodorant: 2.65 oz – x3 (full size)

Clay Effect Hair Bundle:

Three premium hair products bundled together to ensure you are looking your absolute best. You’ll be able to cleanse, nourish and then style your hair with a three-step regime using this kit. Inside you’ll find the luxury:

Daily Fortifying Shampoo: 16 oz – The first step is to cleanse your hair with this two-part duo. This shampoo’s formula is enriched with wheat proteins and vitamin to promote healthier hair growth and strength. The cleanser features natural cleaning actives derived from coconut, which strip the hair from dirt and oils. It also provides the scalp with treatment too and repairs the hair at the base as well as the skin around it too. Your hair is left tingling with the added mint extract for freshness and cleanliness.

Daily Fortifying Conditioner: 16 oz – The second counterpart to the two-part duo. This conditioner contains the same formula that helps to strengthen hair and promote hair growth. Allow the hair to receive that desired shine too, alongside nourishment and hydration. The conditioner protects the hair and detangles any strands that have knotted. The nutrient-enriched formula works to condition your hair for the day ahead. You’ll be left with softer, clean and smooth hair.

Clay Effect Style Spray: 4 oz – Lastly to help style your clean hair, comes the last product in this bundle. Baxter of California’s revolutionary, mattifying clay effect spray, or “Clay-in-a-spray”. It is a styling elixir for your hair. Enriched with antioxidants from green tea and essential vitamins and nutrients from natural oils and extracts to help support the thinning of hair. This applicator allows for precision, protection and styling collectively through a couple of spritzes. You’ll find this able to stable hair, provide anti-frizz properties, enrich and protect the hair for the day. You can also apply onto the product afterwards with a clay- based pomade or cream to enhance the style you are doing for.

Exfoliating Body Bar Trio

Slough of dead skin cells and imperfections with these rich- lathering, exfoliating bars by Baxter of California. Formulated with pumice, crushed olive seed and jojoba meal to give the most effective and kind-to-the-skin abrasive property. Easy to smooth out rough patches on the skin, great for areas such as, knees, elbows and feet. You’ll be left feeling restored, fresh, clean and smooth. The bar contains an essence to lightly leave you fragrance with oakmoss and cedarwood. The bar is also paraben-free, so no nasty surprises to the skin. You’ll be able to rid impurities, without stripping moisture from the skin. So, it is left hydrated. The bar is suitable for all skin types, even those who are sensitive. Makes it ideal to use this daily to, for a light exfoliating, which in turn with begin to brighten your skin overtime. This amazing set contains:

Exfoliating Body Bar: 7 oz – x3 (full size)

Skin Detox Duo

Detox the skin with a perfect two-part duo. Baxter of California’s detoxifying regime will ensure clean and fresh skin. Purge away impurities and excess oil from the face and ensure plumper, clean looking and feeling skin. It is easy and something you can do 1-2 times a week, to improve your complexion. Inside the pack you’ll find:

Daily Face Wash: 8 oz – Baxter of California’s natural derived cleanser that strips away dirt and grime from your face. By using coconut cleansing agents this is made possible for a gentle and effective cleanse. The formula is sulphate-free. Sulphates in products will tend to dry the skin afterwards, which can cause tightness and then become irritated. The solution ensures your skin isn’t stripped of moisture, whilst it is being cleansed. It will break through dirt and break down oils that form across the face to reveal a fresh clean canvas. You’ll also find Aloe Vera and allantoin extracts which will promote hydration and reduce redness on the skin. Caffeine extracts energise the skin and leave you feeling refreshed.

You’ll be left with a clean slate ready for the next step, with is a deep skin detox.

Clay Mask: 4 oz – The next step and counterpart to this two-part detoxifying treatment by Baxter of California, is the ‘Clay Mask’. Once you’ve cleansed using the brilliant ‘Daily Face Wash’, you should apply to the face the mask. This formula is powerful at drawing out further impurities buried in the skins surface. Your skin creates oil, to protect itself against moisture loss. Sadly, for most of us gents, excess oil is apparent and not needed (or wanted) on the skin. Your pores secret the substance and will begin to clog, should you not act on it. Just apply a thin layer over the face and allow the formula to extract and remove any dirt, oil and impurities from deep within the pores. The solution shrinks breakouts and clears skin in the process. This detoxifying mask uses natural bentonite and kaolin clay to purge the skin. Clay is a great active that acts like a sponge and absorbs/vacuums all the nasty substances from your skin and leaves the area clear and clean afterwards. The formula works by removing the negative and promoting positive looking skin in its wake. You’ll find the enriched clay mask uses botanical extracts of aloe and avocado oil to sooth, hydrate and condition the skin. This leaves your complexion revitalised and refreshed. Once washed off with warm water, pat excess water off the face and apply a moisturiser on damp skin to lock in extra hydration to the skin.

Citrus & Herbal Musk Body Bundle

This three-part regime to ready you for the day ahead. This routine can be used daily and is perfect for those of all skin types. You’ll be able to cleanse the body and provide protection, to set you up nicely for what the day ahead will bring. Inside the pack you’ll find

Vitamin Cleansing Bar (Citrus & Herbal Musk): 7 oz – This cleansing bar will help to remove dirt from the body whilst it restores the skin’s moisture balance to keep you hydrated. The formula is enriched with vitamins A & E, seaweed and aloe to promote healthy skin that is nourished and cleansed at the same time.

Invigorating Body Wash (Citrus & Herbal Musk): 8 oz – Grant yourself a full body cleanse with this new & improved formula. This wash is sulphate and paraben- free, which won’t leave your skin feeling dry and taut. It forms into a rich lather nicely as you massage it over your skin. The essence is a combination of citrus scents, herbaceous notes and musky undertones.

Aluminium Free Deodorant: 2.65 oz – Created to be suitable for those with sensitive skin, Baxter of California’s award-winning deodorant will grant your protection and eliminate odour producing bacteria from your armpits. With an enriched formula that leaves you skin and protected for the day ahead. You’ll find this clear gel stick your favourite piece in your collection. Your skin will be detoxified and conditioned after application.

Clay Pomade Trio

This bundle contains award-winning styling product ‘Clay Pomade’, so that your styling game can be strong and prominent. With its defining formula that helps to texturize your hair, you’ll find you can create dynamic looks that keep their hold. The formula contains ingredients such as beeswax and clay to create that mattifying ‘state’ to the hair. You’ll be able to use this product for all hair styles. A paraben-free revolution for your hair, that separates and defines your hair into the style you desire. Inside this set you’ll receive:

- Clay Pomade: 2 oz – x3 (full size)

Super Close Shave Set

Achieve a perfect shave each time with our grooming bundle. Baxter of California’s formulated shave solution and razor make a perfect pair. You’ll find this set is easy to use whilst travelling due to its compact size and weightlessness. The pack contains:

Safety Razor: The perfect double-edged tool to get a smooth, easy glide shave. Durable and lightweight for ease of use and preface balance of weight distribution when pressed against the skin. The singular blade will help to prevent ingrown hairs and when used with the shaving formula, provides a shave that is irritation free.

Super Close Shave Formula: 4 oz – New & improved formula to aid you in an effortless shave each time. The enriched solution will act as a cushion, when used alongside the safety razor in this pack. The formula is enriched with menthol and tea tree oil, to soothe and refresh the skin. You’ll find it cooling revitalising. This solution is great for travelling due to its compact size and great to be used daily for beard clean ups or shaves.

Safety Razor Set

A three piece set that adds some sophistication to modern men who have pride in their shaving and grooming range. It also makes a brilliant gift for any young chap looking to start shaving more professionally to achieve a closer and more comfortable shave. This set is the pride and joy of men many across the globe with its sleek and stylish chrome plating and minimalism in design. You’ll find it the best place to air dry your tools, ready for their next grooming adventure. The set contains:

Silver Tip Badger Brush

This 100% natural brush will aid in creating a lather that is both, voluminous and luxurious. By using the brush in circular motions, you’ll find the brush itself helps to lift facial hair from the skin. This makes shaving a lot easier and you’re less likely to catch yourself on the blade. By using this tool also, you’ll find it stretches the shaving formula across the face better, then if you were to use your hands. You’ll see no clumping and an even application every time you shave.

Safety Razor: The perfect doubled edged singular blade to ensure a close shaving experience. You’ll find the blade which is extremely durable, is amazing at preventing ingrown hairs and provides you with a great shave each time.

Stand: The chrome plated stands hold both grooming tools above beautifully and neatly. Each handle on the tools are a combination of nickel and brass and feature an engraved pattern. This pattern borrows from the classic barbershop style pole. They both fit perfectly on the stand.

Grayers Tech Travel Kit

A wonderful kit that ensures the carrying of any important item for the modern-day gent. It works much like a backpack, but in a convenient travel-size appropriate design that you can hold to you side. (A modern-day clutch bag for men!) You’ll find yourself maximising the space inside with its clever layout. The design is based of a briefcase (a classic) and a Dopp kit. Fusing function and design together. You’ll be able to transport any TSA approved grooming items, important items such as phones, wallet and keys and tech also. The key features include:

5 card-size pockets

Small utility pockets

3 leather snap loops

Book/notepad pocket

iPad pocket (9.7” and 10.5”)

Zip pocket

Clean Up Your Act Duo

A fabulous two piece set for those who travel and don’t wish to take more than what they need with them. You’ll find this duo great for its convenience and compact sizing. Suitable for all skin types, each product provides essential goodness and protection to the skin. You’ll be able to cleanse yourself and set yourself up correctly for the day ahead. The pack consists of:

Vitamin Cleansing Bar (Italian Lime & Pomegranate): 7 oz – A wonderfully uplifting scented cleansing bar to leave you feeling fresh and clean. The bar is enriched with aloe, vitamins A & E and seaweed, to nourish and soothe the skin. The middle of the bar contains a green stripe that is packed with hydrating glycerine. The bar creates a rich lather that is creamy and nourishing to the skin. It will leave you feeling clean and hydrated.

Aluminium Free Deodorant: This herbaceous scented deodorant is the perfect counterpart to the cleansing bar. Once your skin is dry from the shower, pop on the clear gel stick to protect your underarm. The formula consists of tea tree oil and witch hazel that works to tone the skin and disinfect the skin. It eliminates odour inducing bacteria’s that are produced in sweat and create that ‘pong’. The stick is great for those with sensitive skin too and wont stain or discolour clothing too. So, a safe option for those who wear white shirts daily!

Invigorating Body Wash Bundle: 16 oz

A brilliant cost effect set that will provide you with ample amounts of body cleanser for some time to come. Makes for a great option if you are flat sharing or have a large family. These large versions of the popular body washes, featuring three iconic and brilliant scents. Each body wash contains Baxter of California’s formula that is mild and plant-derived. These gentle cleaners remove dirt and impurities and break down oils from the skin. They manage to do this, without stripping the body of moisture, which leads to dryness and dehydration. Each one contains vitamin E and jojoba oil to provide hydration and conditioning to the skin. All three are both, paraben and sulphate-free and create this rich, luxurious lather that leaves your skin feeling soft, renewed and clean. Inside the pack you’ll find

Citrus & Herbal Musk: 16 oz

Bergamot & Pear: 16 oz

Italian Lime & Pomegranate: 16 oz