There’s no better feeling than getting home after a long hot day at work and jumping into a nice cool shower. However, most men still stick to a basic shampoo and body wash to revitalise their mind, hair and body. In this week’s skin care for men blog, we’ve hand-picked four incredible products to supercharge your Men's Body Care routine and leave you thoroughly revitalised. With summer in the swing, upgrade your body care routine with a help in hand from Dermalogica professional skin care. Here’s exactly what you’ll need:

Body Hydrating Cream – [473ml]

This generous volume of cream will hydrate your entire body. It uses an advanced and engineered formula to be kind to the skin. Unlike other body creams this formula is created without the use of skin irritating parabens and artificial colours, fragrances and additives. Its vegan approach and gluten-free engineering allow it to be safe and nurturing to the skin. This Lactic Acid and naturally Hydroxy Acid blend work to smooth and relieve skin dryness. They are powerful yet gentle to the skin and use the extracts of Apple, Sugar Cane, Lavender, Orange Oil, Green Tea and Patchouli for skin healing and soothing properties too. This botanical blend shrouds the skin in softness, conditioning and hydration reinforcement. The non-greasy solution has a lightweight consistency and melts into the skin effortlessly. Hydration results are immediate and provide long-lasting effects throughout the day. The mixture of essential oils and extracts leave the skin protected, relieved and revived.

Conditioning Bodywash – [473ml]

A beautifully crafted soap-free cleanser for the body. Dermalogica’s Conditioning Bodywash will carefully cleanse your skin, without stripping your skins surface. This acid-balanced wash is soap-free and provides a cleansing experience that won’t over-dry out the skin. Its patented formula has been created using enriched botanicals to provide a natural conditioning lather. You’ll find Pro-Vitamin B5 inside this bodywash, which helps towards moisturising the skin leaving it softer. This stimulating wash invigorates your skin and senses with a blend of Lemon, Eucalyptus, Tea-Tree and Rosemary essential oils. These energise and purify the skin, leaving your skins natural moisturisers intact. You will also find Lavender, Clary Sage, Sandalwood and Orange condition and provide smoothing factors to this body cleanser. You’ll feel refreshed and lightly scented from the botanical extracts. Whilst your skin is left more supple and conditioned for a light lockdown of hydration.

Daily Conditioning Rinse – [50ml, 250ml]

Haircare is important and that is why Dermalogica have crated this signature conditioning rinse. Allow your hair the same impact the rest of Dermalogica’s skincare range offers with a masterful blend of botanical engineering. This Daily Conditioning Rinse works by using a fusion of Pro-Vitamin B5 (Panthenol) and essential oils (Grapefruit, Geranium and Lavender) to nourish your hair from root to tip. The solution finds thirsty and damaged strands to strengthen them and bolster their structure. It provides your roots and cuticles the same defensive assist, whilst leaving your hair without any extra and additional weight. Your hair has improved manageability and every strand is nourished deeply, locking in moisture and leaving it shiny and healthier. This formula also benefits the hair by protecting it against heat and sun damage and provides a more reflective lustre that will bounce light off it. The intensive botanical formula packed nutrients into the hair to strengthen and give you the best head of hair possible. This solution is created without any parabens, or nasties that cause the hair damage. Choose Dermalogica for its wise choice in engineering and patented botanical formulas.

The Ultimate Buffing Cloth

Dermalogica’s buffering cloth is an essential tool to guarantee a hygienic and exfoliating polish to your skin every time. The buffering cloth works to leave your skin silky perfect and can be used injunction with Conditioning Body Wash by Dermalogica to enhance the effects. This wonderful tool helps you reach those hard-to-reach areas of the body and provides an even exfoliation to the skin. The perfect option for tackling your back and smoothing out the area most missed by guys. Made from a nylon fibre that is extra-durable it rinses out thoroughly and dries almost instantaneously. This keeps the cloth hygiene as the material is free from bacterial build-up that grown from dampness in fibres. For an invigorating power cleanse, choose The Ultimate Buffing Cloth by Dermalogica to do all the dirty work.