Until about three weeks ago, I’d never, for one minute, entertain the idea of using a men’s slimming solution or cosmetic fat burner. I was under the illusion that in order to look good, I’d keep my fitness firmly in the hands of a treadmill down my local gym and the health of my skin under the power of my wash bag essentials. That was the case at least, until I had the opportunity to try out the FIT Skincare Pec and Ab Sculpt Cream . Seeking to bridge the gap between skin health, condition and fitness, the entire FIT range has been targeted towards active gentlemen, keen to maintain their high standards of care, long after their post workout cool down.

The FIT Pec and Ab Sculpt Cream is a cutting edge body sculpting serum, formulated with clinically proven active ingredients. The products design and packaging are brutally masculine and slick, in my opinion, perfectly matching its target audience. The price for 100ml of product is around the £40 mark at most retailers, so slightly on the expensive side, but after witnessing some of the benefits I have over the past few weeks, in the long term, it will seem like a steal. I’ve used Pec and Ab Sculpt now for about 20 days straight and here are three massive confidence boosting benefits that I’ve enjoyed so far, nicely in time for my spring getaway next week.

Eliminating Excess Fat

I’ve been applying this men’s cream to my stomach, chest and around the bottom of my back predominantly and as the days have gone on, these areas definitely look and feel less fatty and bloated. I have been eating a little better too and upping my cardio to 30 minutes a day (after weights), which I know has helped, but I firmly believe that Pec and Ab Sculpt has hugely helped to eliminate these areas excess fat. I’ve lost weight off other areas of my body too, but not at the rate as I have in these areas.

Toned and Tight Skin

My belly and ‘man-boobs’ look much more tight and toned, to the point where I took my t-shirt off last night and my girlfriend could hardly believe how my torso has changed shape in such a small amount of time – I’m telling you, this is the one! It may sound strange to say but my skin feels much more tight over my muscles and although I don’t yet have a six pack, my stomach has gone from a little bloated, to flat and starting to show off some nice definition. The skin around the bottom of my back feels much more tighter too and much less elastic and rubbery, something which weren’t a great look for me shall we say.

Nice Defined Muscles

The definition of my chest has improved tenfold as well and I can now actually see the outline and appearance of my muscles. I haven’t gone any heavier with my weights over this period either, leading me to assume that the Pec and Ab Sculpt has had a big helping hand in making me look much more toned.

I’ve done a little research on what exactly is in this power cream that makes it so effective and the first thing that stands out is Caffeine, which according to research, reduces the body’s fat storage ability. Plant Fructans have a massive impact in the toning and tightening of skin, something I’ve definitely had the chance to enjoy, whilst Artichoke Leaf Extract stimulates fat cell breakdown. I feel a comfortable and energizing burn when applying the Pec and Ab Sculpt and if you’re a guy trying to feel a bit more confident without a t-shirt on, it’s 100% worth adding to your men’s grooming routine. I tend to massage the cream into my torso and let it dry, I only apply it once a day (in the morning), but after my results so far, am very tempted to up that to twice daily. Overall, an incredibly eye opening product and it’s certainly changed my perception of men’s slimming solutions.