With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, you may be looking for.a special gift for that certain someone in your life. If you are, step forward the luxurious collection of men’s candles, designed and developed by the experts at men’s grooming brand Baxter of California. There’s something that just screams class when gifting a candle and if you can treat that person to some much needed enhanced relaxation time, we promise, they will be truly appreciative. Here are three candles in the range that all make wonderful gifts.

White Wood Candle: 6 oz / 168g

Providing you with 45 hours of pleasurable burning time, Baxter of California present their ‘White Wood’ candle. This coconut and soy- based candle is a clean burning piece of joy. Providing you with long-lasting fragrance that fills the space with a scent inspired by woodland and fresh nature. Woody, earthy and fresh, this floral scented candle is irresistible. You’ll find extracts and fragrance notes of patchouli, vetiver, liquid amber, rum and oak moss. Keep candles away from drafts and on stable, heat resistant surfaces. Never leave the candle unattended and ensure it is out of the reach of children.

Sweet Ash Candle: 6 oz / 168g

Baxter of California’s campfire inspired gem. The ‘Sweet Ash’ candle is a jolly and warm scented coconut and soya-based candle. One that is also clean burning and free from wick induced smoke. Its long-lasting burn time generates this gorgeous aroma for up to 45 hours, so you can relive the memories of those camping trips you took as a kid for many evenings to come. Inside you’ll find fragrance notes of, Florida orange, patchouli, Italian jasmine, cedar leaf, musk, red ginger and cade. Campfire inspired entices you with the combination of smoking embers that lick up the night and the sweet sharpness of citrus and floral scents. Make sure your candles are always out of reach from children and they should never be left unattended. Provide your aromatic piece a stable and heat resistant surface, which is free from drafts.

Black Oak Candle: 6 oz / 168g

Deep and seductive darkness, infused with notes that are sweet and gentle. Baxter of California have created their ‘Black Oak’ fragrance with one thing in mind, tranquillity. Total relaxation and harmonious scents that lift you into a peaceful state of mind. Enveloping your senses and thoughts that are lost in fragrance notes of, blackberry, red currant, fir, orange blossom, musk, neroli and jasmine pearls. This clean burning haze of perfection will last for up to 45 hours. Just ensure that your candle firstly, is burning in a safe space in your home. One that is free from the reach or intrigue of children. Any crossing drafts too and an area that is flat, stable and heat resistant. This will provide you with the most enjoyment and safety.

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