From time to time, a new men’s skin care brand will enter the market. The latest comes from FOLS For Men, who have assembled a very small collection of modern grooming staples that have the power to improve your bathroom routine. In this week’s Three Of The Best blog, we run the rule over their Natural Face Moisturiser, After-Shave Skin Repair Gel and Lime Face Wash. If you’re looking to change up your grooming routine with a new brand - step forward FOLS in this in depth male skin care review.

Cedarwood Natural Facial Moisturiser – 100ml

A high-infusion of bio natural extracts makeup this premium formula for FOLS, Cedarwood Natural Facial Moisturiser. Proudly using its Hyaluronic Acid compound, to help step up your skincare game and allowing the natural oils to work towards keeping your skin hydrated and fresh looking. The anti-aging formula, using the power of Blackcurrant extract to bind the skin and leave it appearing firmer. You’ll have an essence of youth brought back into your face with daily use of this brilliant moisturiser. Not only does the product work as post-shaving balm to help reduce redness and irritation. But also, as a daily moisturiser. You’ll be covered either way and with its low comedogenic ingredients, guys who suffer from sensitive skin will be able to receive the benefits too. It is made for men with dry to moderate skin and has a consistency that is perfect. Balancing out between not being too oily, nor too cream, this solution will melt wonderfully into the skin and you’ll feel refreshed and protected. To provide men with the quickest application and ease of it too, FOLS have engineered their moisturiser with SPF protection too. This will mean, you are protected against UVA/UVB rays that heighten premature aging. The luxury formula is brilliantly packed with such essential oils and extracts, its been considered a skincare powerhouse, despite its travel approved size. Lime, Lavender, Cedarwood, Marjoram, Neroli, Apricot, Coconut, Olive & Sunflower Oils are packed into this facial moisturizer. With help from potent vitamin extracts you’ll find this making its way into your morning skincare routine. Hydrolysed Silk, Vegetable Glycerine, Tocopherol and Helianthus seed oils provide natural coverage to promote healthier skin. For better hydration, clearer skin and reduced signs of aging, choose FOLS to get you sorted.

Lavender & Aloe Vera After-Shave Skin Repair Gel – 100ml

A duo- packed formula, rich in both calming and soothing Lavender and restorative Aloe Vera extract. For those with effects from shaving burn, dry patchiness on the skin and imperfections, use FOLS skin repairing gel to soothe your face and body. It has a quick to effect use and will work to hydrated and nourish the skin with its active ingredients. Lavender has been used widely for its calming and soothing properties. The ingredient provides gentle care to the skin and mind with its aromas. Aloe Vera plants are extremely high in accelerating healing to the skin. They have a host of amino acids that boost skin regenerating and provide natural protection against the elements. Working for your body inside and out, Aloe Vera is usually the core compound in any healing/soothing skincare product. This luxury formula is refreshing and cooling against the skin, so a perfection choice against razor burn or shaving discomfort. Its travel size approved option allows you take this cooling gel with you whilst you are on holiday. Just pop it into your hand luggage and you are free to keep your skincare game on top form whilst away from home. Wonderfully able to be used with those who find themselves with sensitive skin too, the premium formula uses low comedogenic ingredients to ensure safety with those who suffer with sensitive skin traits. Natural and paraben free FOLS have men in mind when it comes to formulating their products. This refreshing cooling gel, will leave you feeling energised in the morning and being a gel, allows for quick absorption into the skin. This is the best option for any post shave relief. You won’t feel the burn left by your razor with FOLS on your skin.

Men’s Face Wash Lime – 100ml

Start your morning the correct way with FOLS facial wash solution. Beautifully crafted to give you a refreshing start to the day, it stimulates not only your skin, but senses too. Awaken yourself and get ahead in your skincare routine. FOLS excellent choice of low comedogenic ingredients make this little gem perfect for those with sensitive skin. The wash works really with all different combinations of skin types, from dry, sensitive, oily and combination too. Its gentle and rich lather will encourage the dispersion of dirt and grime from the face (and body) and leave you feeling clean, fresh and renewed. You’ll find extracts of rich botanical Blackcurrant Oil, amongst other actives that help to fight against the aging process. With their compound, the essential oils work to regenerate your skin cells, by acceleration and give you a more youthful looking complexion. The certified oils and gels allow this face wash to be used daily, without drying the skin out as it breaks down the natural oils your facial skin will produce. Easy to use, just apply lukewarm water to your face and then with a small dollop of the gel work it into a lather against your skin. Once you’ve covered your face with suds, wash of with warm water to reveal cleaner looking and feeling skin. The lightweight solution has a lightweight scent to it to invigorate your senses as it cleans. It leaves your skin smelling fresh and uplifting. This brilliant facial wash also tackles those who are abundant with acne breakouts. With the added Castile Soap in this product, you can rejoice as the magic helps to negate further breakouts and calm the ones that are prominent on the skin. Its acne fighting properties make this firming, zesty facial wash, a fan favourite by many men across the nation. Locking in humidity to the skin and reversing dry skin with the help from its premium and luxury patented formula.