Gradual tanning creams have become all the rage in recent years, especially within the men’s skin care and cosmetics industry. These two in one bronzers and tanners promote a healthy finish to the skin, even the complexion and most importantly, provide a natural tanning element to your grooming routine. As most men’s skin care companies have rushed to jump onto the bandwagon, this week, we’ll be looking at which ones have got it spot on, when it comes to delivering gentlemen the perfect balance between these key three factors.

In third place, it’s L’Oreal Men Expert’s Gradual Tanning Moisturiser - a multi action face cream that develops a sun kissed glow over a number of days. Designed to give your skin the healthy look you crave, this tanning wonder cream is a great option for men on a budget in the bathroom. Great packaging, good ingredients and more importantly, a formula that just works, this fantastic Holiday Look self tan hits the right notes come rain or shine.

Next, it’s the turn of Henri Lloyd’s Gradual Tanning Tinted Moisturiser, a lightweight non-greasy tanning face moisturiser with powerful botanicals to protect and hydrate the skin during the harshest of environmental factors. Measuring in at 75ml and coming in at £21.00, this slightly more expensive option gives a healthy bronzed glow, without your cover being blown. Enriched with anti-oxidant power, a lot of gentlemen who regularly use this product, cite this creams ability to give their skin a supple and smooth finish as one of the decisive factors in their decision to keep calling upon its power. This does dry a little quicker than other creams, so be sure to be quick in your application gentlemen.

Last,and by no means least, it’s our most popular ever men’s gradual tanning face product, in the form of Recipe For Men’s Energizing Bronze Cream. A heavily tinted cream that knows no boundaries in delivering a sun fresh glow, a smooth epidermis and a healthy natural look to your entire face. It sinks in quick, evens your skin tone and gives you that instant post holiday look, all year round. With tan developing agents that process over three to seven days, build up to your desired level of tan with the Scandinavian expertise of this quite simple super charged wonder cream. Weighting in at the slightly more expensive price of £29.00, Recipe For Men certainly set the benchmark when it comes to looking after your face and look in a variety of different ways.