It’s a common question asked by thousands of men every single day. ‘How do I achieve a great looking complexion whilst keeping the number of products I use to a minimum?’ Thanks to Molton Brown and their fantastic collection of men’s products, we seek to give you some answers and today, have hand-picked three of their very best products, to help you build a skin care routine truly fit for a pampered prince.

Every well groomed guy should take care of his skin from head to toe. But, in order to put his best face forward, must lock in on a specialist set of face care products to correct, perfect and protect his skin every minute of every day. From skin care to shaving and everything in between, Molton Brown Men certainly raise the bar in the bathroom, with their stylish and simplistic range that wouldn’t look out of place on even the most brutally masculine gentleman’s bathroom shelf.

Superior cleansing, moisturising and protection build the most fundamental blocks in a successful male grooming regime. Get to grips with these three products and you might just surge your skin’s recovery and achieve a dazzling complexion in the process.

Molton Brown Balancing Face Wash

Enriched with African Whitewood Extract, Molton Brown’s Balancing Face Wash provides the skin with a thoroughly deep cleanse with each and every use. Clean your face with this luxury face wash twice a day, to slough away dirt and grime from within the skin and remove excess shine. Ideal for normal to oily skin, Molton Brown have created this facial enforcer to maintain its natural PH balance and ensure it remains sufficiently cleansed.

Molton Brown Ultra-Rich Bai ji Moisturiser

Aside from looking the absolute bomb, the Bai ji Moisturiser from Molton Brown works tirelessly to minimise facial dryness and nourish the skin. How? You my ask. It utilizes the superior moisturising properties of bai ji and macadamia seed oil, which combine to reinforce your skin’s natural moisture barrier and top up its hydration level during points of your day, where your skin needs special attention. Formulated for normal to dry skin, achieve a healthier and revitalized complexion in an instant, whilst giving your face care routine a firming and soothing thrust in the right direction. Bai Ji is intensely absorbing and ultra-lightweight, helping your face feel comfortable and relaxed.

Molton Brown Post-Shave Recovery Balm

Formulated with American Barley Extract to rebuild your skin’s natural barriers after the rigors of shaving, Molton Brown’s Post Shave Recovery Balm raises the bar when it comes to superior shaving in the comfort of your own home. Enjoy calm and comfortable post shaved skin with the anti-inflammatory and anti-redness properties built within this ultimate formula. Ultra-cooling and superbly relaxing, a handsome post shaved look is an essential part of the modern man’s routine and with Molton Brown it can be achieved in no time at all.