Polaar Men's Hand CreamTapping away at your keyboard all day long, air conditioned offices, or even slaving away on a building site all have damaging effects on your skin fellas.  When the topic of men’s skin care is broached, most would be forgiven for assuming that we are talking about face care.  However, in reality there are many different motions of the grooming vortex and good hand care remains very much one of them.  If you do find yourself laying bricks in the middle of December, feeling the pinch when you pop out on your lunch break, or taking a long brisk winter walk with the dog, the chances are guys that your hands will inevitably be bearing the brunt of such harsh environmental conditions.


Fortunately, for my groom abiding citizens, there is an answer to perfect hand care and in our latest skin care blog, what better time of the year to discuss some of the key ways you can keep your hands in check.  With great grooming tips for men, you now have the power to tackle redness, soreness and even dry skin on your hands.  Likewise, if painful, cracked and sun damaged hands seem to constantly weigh you down, now is the time to take action with MaleSkin’s four key skin care tips behind great feeling and looking features.


With not a moment to spare, let’s get down to work and show you why you could be making some of the most common men’s hand care mistakes right now!


First off, it may be stating the obvious to men moderately rehearsed in the world of grooming and personal care, but when it’s the season to swing low, sweet chariot - don’t forget to moisturise!  


Taylor Of Old Bond Street Hand CareA good body lotion should be applied to the hands and rubbed in morning and night to remove symptoms of dry and dehydrated hands.  Using a body lotion, or even better, a male specific hand cream will seriously improve your skin’s performance and give you a much better platform to achieve true skincare success.  Remembering to use a cream or lotion that is oil free (as men’s ones typically are), you can quickly turn your hands performance around, in a modern world where it seems all the focus is on men’s personal standards.


Blitzing your skin in hot water may be good for getting rid of germs, dirt and grime, but it’s a big no go in the world of hand care as a guy.  Doing so on a regular basis, outside of your normal bathing or showering routine, quite literally strips all your skin’s natural moisturising properties and inevitably ends up drying out your skin even more.  Often resulting in redness and rough skin appearing, hot water hand washing should definitely be a non-starter this winter.


Instead gentlemen, swap it for some lukewarm water and a good men’s body scrub, if you really feel the need to keep those mitts clean and you too can truly reap the rewards.  Keep those hands looking youthful for longer with such a men’s exfoliator and you can quickly avoid that rough and ready look, which let’s face it, is a bit outdated.


Our next hand care tip for men may look as though we’re stating the obvious, but you’d be surprised at the amount of fellas who don’t go out into the unknown without adequate protection.  Gloves for a long walk, gardening gloves, or even weight lifting gloves, if you’re hitting the gym will all provide incredible protection against the elements, depending of course on the activity your are undertaking.  Likewise, if you’re in need of a little protection over the course of summer, be sure to use a sunblock with at least a sun protection level of SPF30 and please gents, remember to apply regularly.


To avoid looking like your wrinkly Aunt Mildred - never underestimate the power of a good manicure.  Whether it’s getting your partner to do it (which she will more than likely love to) or heading to a parlor, a luxury manicure can rid your skin of all of the common imperfections we’ve talked about today and leave you on cloud nine, in the world of grooming at least.


Whilst great hand care may sound obvious and less important than face care, it’s important that you understand the true diversity of skin care for men as shelling out hundreds on anti-aging products will mean nothing, if your hands end up letting you down later in life.  Get it right now and forever reap the rewards.