Handsome ManIf you’re sick of waking up on a Monday morning looking like a panic stricken resident of Elm Street, thanks to your haunting and daunting dark circles, it’s time to upgrade your skin style and general lifestyle to make that ghastly morning commute to work, that little bit easier to swallow.  Men’s dark circles - arising in approximately 36% of British males on a monthly basis, sometimes just love to set up camp when you least want, expect or need them, without holding the necessary permit.  When it comes to eviction gentlemen, it’s not quite as easy as getting one of those overrated celebrities out of the jungle.  Speaking of the Jungle – Don’t let yourself get caught up in a tangle at the top of the grooming tree with the help of this week’s expert skin care for men blog. 


Today, we will discuss seven key men’s skincare tips to tackle and erase dark circles on men, almost as quickly as they seem to creep up on you after a weekend of heavy partying, a couple of long nights in the office or endless life challenges, which make you want to run for the hills.  If that wasn’t enough fellas, we’re going to highlight seven key lifestyle changes you can make to give your skin and eyes every chance of long lasting success.  If these quick fixes and long standing lifestyle choices seem too difficult for you, as a modern man, to keep a firm grasp of, we will top off this blog with seven key products, which will have your inner masculinity and confidence screaming from the proverbial rooftops.


It’s an altogether different kind of game of 21’s – But, these 21 skin care for men tips and pointers will mean the odds are well and truly stacked in your favour as you finally declare battle on those troublesome and panda reminiscent dark circles.  So, let’s get down to business!


7 Tips to Get Rid of Men’s Dark Circles

Pen and Paper

Get the ice cubes out – No gents!  We’re not talking to chuck into your Diet Coke.  Ice cubes can do a really good job at minimizing male dark circles.  Simply hold them in a paper towel and rest them under your eyes for five to ten minutes.  This treatment will target swollen vessels beneath your very delicate contours (one of the main causes of dark eyes on men).  The instant hit of coolness will get the blood flowing in this area and again really help eliminate your dreaded panda look.


Mind over matter – Asking a bloke to wear a couple of cucumber slices over his eyes for fifteen minutes wouldn’t go down too well in many a social circle.  But, the simple fact is, fifteen minutes of shame can lead to days of gain when it comes to fending off troublesome darkness.  Enriched with vitamins and a powerful anti-oxidant, reduce puffiness and get yourself back on track by placing 2 cucumber slices over your eyes and laying back for a power nap.  (Please be advised, that a man must do this alone whilst holding either a beer, shaver or the remote control)


Drink plenty of water – Hydration is key to overall skin health and this is no different when it comes to removing dark circles.  Drink plenty of water (as you should do always) when you’re greeted with dark circles and give your skin every chance of a success.


Take it to the fridge – Keeping your eye care products refrigerated is a hugely helpful tip when fighting dark circles.  Similar to the ice cube scenario.  Giving your products bigger impact upon application will really give you a head start, and remember, if the missus asks what the deal is with your eye roll-on hidden amongst the veg?  Keep it between us guys!


Take out your anger – A good healthy workout can do wonders for your overall health, not excluding your skin.  Get those muscles pumping with a CV workout or weights session and your vessel’s will become more responsive to you increase in heart rate and ultimately reduce. – I bet you never thought the cross trainer could be so good to your skin.


The frozen spoon – For a heavy hitting fast action improvement, keep a spoon in the freezer and place it underneath your eyes if dark circles and puffiness is causing havoc throughout your day.  A five minute stint over each contour has been proven to reduce dark circles by up to 85% for up to seven hours.


Fix Nasal Congestion – Having a blocked nose can result in dark circles – a fact that you may not have been aware of.  As the veins around your sinuses expand, eye darkness often erupts.  Make sure you’re keeping your blocked nose n check if you want to fight off those grooming blues. 


7 Lifestyle Changes to Help Remove Long-Term Dark Circles on Men


VegetablesGetting plenty of sleep is a huge factor in lowering the inhibition of your pending dark circles.  Keep a lid on things by getting your recommended eight hours of sleep per night when and where you can.  If however, a busy lifestyle or one or two other things are keeping you from hitting the sack, you can call in the skincare for men heavy’s, but remember, there’s only so much they can do before they buckle.  Secondly, stress is a hugely important factor in the arousal of dark circles.  If you are placed under constant high levels of stress, your eyes are inevitably going to show their nasty side.  Learn to manage stress by doing the simples of things.  Counting to fifty during intense periods of stress, or taking a five minute walk to clear your head are just some of the things you can do to relieve stress and remove the pressure from your skin and eyes.


Another men’s skin care tip is to relax when and where you can.  Turn off the company blackberry and put on your favourite TV programme for an hour a day, to allow your mind, body and soul to ease.  The indirect benefits of this on your skin can be huge, in turn, bidding a fond farewell to dark circles can be made even easier.  Fourthly, if you are focusing for eight hours or more a day on a computer monitor, take five minutes out your day from time to time to focus on something longer distance.  I’m not talking about checking out the office hottie – go and have a chat with Janet at the water cooler and in turn, ease the continual pressure placed upon your eye muscles, veins and skin to focus so heavily.


Our final three lifestyle changes to fight dark circles revolve around your diet.  We all understand that you may want to enjoy the occasional pizza and beer with the boys.  But, being good to your body from time to time will leave you one step closer to healthier looking eyes.  Slowly implement leafy vegetable and fruit into your diet, such as cabbage, spinach, blueberries and strawberries.  These power foods won’t just help towards your recommended five a day but also contain Vitamin K.  Vitamin K is the key component in relieving dull and dark skin.  For a brighter and fresher general complexion, grin and bear getting used to these key foods and reap the rewards.  Alternatively, look for a vitamin K supplement, which can prove a valuable building block towards a healthier looking skin.  Finally, avoid smoking.  We don’t need to list the endless detriments regular smoking can have on your health, and when it comes to skin’s health, it’s certainly no different.


Top 7 Skincare for Men Products to Hide Dark Circles

eShave Eye Cream For MenRecipe For Men Under Eye Patches - A high performance eye treatment for men.  Wear these recharging eye patches for twenty minutes and complete the whole course to remove dark circles and general eye fatigue.

Menaji 911 Eye Gel - A cooling and refreshing eye gel that tightens and refreshes your under eye skin.  This eye care product for men does a great job at cooling your eye contour and soothing irritation and inflammation.

e-Shave Eye Cream Revitalizer - Perfect for the older gentleman and relatively new onto the men’s skincare market, this eye cream for men utilizes powerful anti-oxidants and vitamins to completely rejuvenate the under eye area.  An optimal dose of White Tea get immediately to action on stubborn and long term dark circles.

Evolution Man Revitalizing Eye Gel - A powerful lightweight hydrating under eye gel that utilizes Glycolic Acid and Salicylic Acid to actively encourage the build up of skin surface cells.  With the build up of skin cells in this delicate area, your skin becomes more structured and brighter.

MMUK MAN Under Eye Concealer - Voted the number one men’s concealer, this luxury product offers a great liquid coverage to your under eye area and blends expertly.  Achieve natural and professional cover up with the best cosmetics line for men available.  Simply apply the smallest amount to your eye area and rub in using your finger tip.  Conceal men’s dark circles and reveal a healthier looking you.

Recipe For Men Concealer - A caring and professional concealer which also disguises dark contours.  Brightening elements and illuminating properties work very well to refract natural light off your contour, perfect if you spend a lot of time outside during your busy day.

Bulldog Eye Roll On - The perfecting and nourishing eye roll on.  Made for the modern and masculine male.  This power product provides a cooling burst to your under eye area with an easy to apply revolving ball.  Target blood vessel’s and minimize their appearance with the number one selling eye care product for men.


So gentlemen, that wraps up today’s skin care education.  Whilst in an ideal world you would be able to implement all 14 tips and directions, along with one or two products.  They key here is to adopt as many as you can if flagging and intrusive dark circles continue to get you down.  We’ll be back more with some more expert men’s skincare advice.