Finding the right hair product to use in 2016 can be overwhelming due to the number of products that are currently in both online and offline stores. Some of these specially designed hair products have been used by men of all ages for many years while others have recently been released into the market. The hair products can be used on different types of hair to achieve a number of purposes, with the overall being healthy looking hair for the man using them. Nevertheless, there are some products that seem to have been embraced across the board as worth trying out in 2016 and they include:

Malin+Goetz Intensive Hair Conditioner Mask

For those days when your hair seems to have no life, use Malin+Goetz and see it bloom right before your eyes. It does not matter the haircut, this conditioner is a “must have” in your bathroom shelf. Immediately after cleaning out shampoo from your hair, apply the conditioner for at least fifteen minutes then rinse it out. It can be your go to hair product on a daily basis but even if you miss a day or two, your hair will still look good.

American Crew Fiber

If you want a hair product that allows you to have control over your hair then this matte texturizer should be part of your hair product list for 2016. This product is known to thicken hair so that it makes styling much easier regardless of the hairstyle. Contemporary hairstyles such as boy haircuts and spiky hairstyles among others are held well with this particular product and can last all day with minimal touch up.

Aveda Mens Pure-Formance Grooming Clay

Hair products that help the hair become thicker especially if yours has begun thinning are quite a number in the market. However, this particular formula is considered to be top range because of the presence of lightweight micro fibers in its composition. These fibers make it easier to style your hair when using a comb or even the fingers. Furthermore, it adds no shine which makes it an ideal product for men who have greasy hair.

Triumph and Disaster Shampoo

Finding an all-in-one shampoo is not usually very easy but Triumph and Disaster has made it their mission to offer men such a hair product. It is manufactured from natural ingredients and does not have any toxic chemicals that are usually associated with hair loss, scalp irritation and dehydration. The shampoo has a number of benefits for the hair such as removal of residual products, prevention of excess oil buildup, added hair volume as repair of damaged hair among others. It does not matter your hair type, this shampoo will leave your hair smelling good due to its crisp peppermint scent.

Fudge Elevate Styling Powder

Creating volume or building strong support for your hairstyle, especially when you want to make a good impression can be made possible using Fudge Elevate. This styling powder is applied at the root of the hair so as to achieve maximum hold as well as volume. It also helps mattify greasy hair so that it looks presentable regardless of the hairstyle. Overall, if your desire is to keep your hair healthy and presentable in 2016, these hair products should be part of shopping list.