Nivea_Male_Eye_CareOne range of products rapidly slotting their way into more and more of guys wash bags and bathroom cabinets are mens eye roll ons.  In this blog, we seek to discover the best eye roll ons for men and determine which one tops the charts when it comes to revealing truly alive and refreshed eye contours.


After carrying out our own independent tests, listening to what fellow gentlemen have to say on all of the products available in hand and taking into consideration a huge array of different factors, including price, ingredients and popularity, this male skin care blog outlines our very own definitive list of male eye roll-ons, so you guys do not have to do the leg work.


Some of the biggest brands in the world have already jumped onto the eye roll on band wagon.  With the likes of L’Oreal Men Expert, Bull Dog Grooming and Clinique all jostling for position in the market, allow MaleSkin to provide some clarity in deciphering which one you should go for to serve your skin care needs most appropriately.


So fellas, grab yourself a beer and lets get down to business!


bulldog_Eye_Roll_onIn at number 5 is Nivea For Men’s Q10 Skin Energy Eye Roll On.  Perfect for men who wear contact lenses or glasses, Nivea’s male version is great at providing ice cold refreshment to your eye contours, firming sagging skin and sharpening up your look, and best of all fellas, it does not have to brea the bank.  Setting you back around the £9 mark at most skin care for men shops, energized and smouldering eyes can now be yours as you bid to fight back from the post weekend Monday morning blues.


Next up is Clinique Skin Supplies For Men Anti-Fatigue Cooling Eye Gel - I mean, how many words do you want to cram into its title?  How about slotting in there an ‘anti-wrinkle’ or ‘Skin Boosting’ Mr Clinique?  On a serious note though gents, costing you £20 at your average shop, this male skin care tool does a great job at revitalizing, hydrating and brightening tired looking eyes, in turn doing a great job at tackling dark circles in particular.


In your bid to fight off those sleep deprived, hungover or day to day stressed eyes, Clinique For Men can be your perfect wing man.  Unfortunately, due o its price and the fact that the gel is slightly thinner than your average, it does take slightly longer to master.  Clinique, we want to hear more about the product!  Not what dermatology tests it has gone through, its time to dig a little deeper!


Making the podium in a respectable third place is L’Oreal Men Experts Hydra Energetic Eye Roll On.  The price, first off, makes it very sustainable skin care for the UK’s modern man.  Offering a cooling burst (especially if refrigerated)  the long term benefits of L’Oreal’s innovative skin defence system makes light work of wrinkles, fine lines, eye bags and general eye fatigue 


The long lasting protecting benefits offered by such a product, really mirrors the ethos of this entire male skin care brand, making it another big thumbs up for guys searching for a long term turnaround.  Keep this product in the top drawer of your desk in the office and enjoy the insurance of a skin care boost anytime your eyes need it with the help of L’Oreal Men Expert.


Penultimately gents, allow us to welcome you to a brand, which many may not have heard of - namely Polaar.  Originating in France, this brand offers some superlative skin care products for men, not least their Icy Magic male eye roll on.  Simple to use, quick absorbing and long lasting, the refreshing burst you receive when applying is something incredibly invigorating, even phenomenal.


L'Oreal_Skin_CareDesigned to boost microcirculation at your very thin skinned eye contours, revitalization is none more defined that with this mens eye care marvel.  Boasting the highest performance ingredients and the finest texture, despite setting you back £16.00 for just 5ml, gentlemen with looser purse strings may wish to delve into the world of Polaar’s Icy Magic.    Being nicely formulated, and fighting the common quartet of imperfections related to poor eye performance - bags, sagging, dark circles and wrinkles, for all round performance at a price, MaleSkin recommend these as your go to guys.


Standing proudly in top spot and firmly staking its claim as the UKs continual pole sitter is a revolutionary product bought to you from BullDog Natural Skin Care.  Just when you thought it could not get any better, this version ticks all the boxes and more by completely redefining the boundaries of male eye care.  


Be the man of the house with BullDogs eye roll on.  Turn dull, lifeless and hard to please eyes completely around with a truly sensational formula enriched with Avocado and Cucumber Oil for utter revitalization and anti-oxidant protection all day long.  With a sharp jolt of Brazilian Ginseng also, reveal firmer, flawless and younger looking eyes within minutes.


Perfect for tackling dark circles and puffiness too, like most in MaleSkins definitive eye roll on top 5 list, however, really, spicing things up with skin cell regeneration capabilities.  Do not rely on the benefits of a product in the short term, instead enjoy the rehabilitating performance built within this number one eye roll on.


On your mark, ready set, go!


So fellas, with the race consisting of five industry leaders and regardless of which mens eye roll on you decide to equip yourself with, one thing is for sure:  Such products, on the whole are easy to use, absorb quickly, last a long time and contain the very best ingredients.  Furthermore, most offer great value for money, reduce eye bags, sagging, wrinkles and dark circles.


Roll back the years with good quality men’s eye care and be truly overwhelmed at the sheer power of the most simple looking skin care for men range.


As ever fellas, if you have any more questions regarding eye roll ons for men, feel free to get in touch with the team at:

Until next time, good luck!