To be quite frank gentlemen, being in the business as long as we have; we are simply tired of every male skin care brand, organization or retailer out there claiming that their products are by far superior.  Of course they would say that.  Are profit driven businesses willing to promote brands and products that they do not sell?  Most probably not!  Whilst the chances of them over applauding the products they do have on their male skin care sites are certainly high, allow MaleSkin to truly bridge the gap between advice, accuracy and trust.


Fortunately fellas, MaleSkin is equally focused on making you look your best and equipping you with the correct skin care for men product, or even range.  Although a wide range of factors can alter the effectiveness and suitability of a specific series to your skin.  We have looked at all of the different ranges on the market as a whole, and produced our definitive guide to the best mens skin care brands of 2013.  We are not talking about those with the biggest marketing budget, plastered all over TV and billboards, simply the ones which make modern day men truly stand out from the crowd with their unparalleled and captivating products.


So gents, let’s begin our countdown and tell you what each and every one of our top ten skin care for men brands has to offer.


10. Clinique Skin Supplies For Men

Offering an easy to follow 3 step skin care regime, dedicated to cleansing, exfoliating and moisturising, Clinique for men certainly know how to look after their male fellowship.  Boasting a wide range of luxury products, including their infamous anti-fatigue eye roll on.  This skin care range holds a well deserved place in our top 10 and places an idilic focus on allowing the customer to assess his own skin type and choose the correct product accordingly.  To kit yourself our with the latest in Clinique skin care would unfortunately cost you hundreds and hundreds of pounds, so for now Mr Clinique, it comes down to needing to offer your clients just that little more incentive.  Great, but expensive!


9. Nivea For Men

Nivea for men offer a wide range of stylish looking products, which would not look out of place on the most domineering alpha males bathroom shelf.  Offering affordability and easy access from its numerous British outlets, Nivea have certainly achieved their goal in appealing to the masses.  Providing a good level of daily protection from their male moisturizers and shaving balms and world renowned for being extra kind to the skin, particularly through the height of the seasons, the entire range of skin care and grooming products deserve a good mention in our top ten MaleSkin countdown.  The one thing we would say:  With the growing awareness of male skin care consumers, we want to see just a little bit more information on each of the products.  A 40 word product description may have been enough ten years ago, but skin care hungry modern men need just that little bit more.


Billy Jealousy Logo8. Billy Jealousy

Billy Jealousy, at first glance might sound like some random adult movie actor or strange uncles name, who is never invited to the family BBQ.  But, dig a little deeper and you will find the pure excellence of their wide and diverse range of products.  Offering men’s face care products, hair and even body care agents, if you adopt Billy Jealousy into your bathroom workout, you are sure not to be disappointed.  The products to take most note of have to be Billy Jealousy’s Liquid Sand exfoliator, Wipe Out eye cream for men and Age-Less Serum.  Three of the best products in the range, perfect for the typical man in his 30’s, determined to re-capture his youthful look.

Coming in at the mid to high end of the market, in terms of pricing.  MaleSkin believe clients get excellent value for money, thanks to their large containers.  Utilizing a wide array of specialist skin care ingredients from all four corners of the globe, Billy Jealousy hit the preverbal nail on the head when it comes to providing your skin with a much needed U-turn.


Bull Dog Logo7. BullDog Natural Grooming

For sensitive skin care haven, call in the power of BullDog Natural Grooming.  The different ends of the scale represented by their masculine logo and packaging and purely soothing product care are quite remarkable.  However, if you are constantly fighting troublesome and irritable skin, regardless of your shaving pattern, the BullDog is something you will certainly want to get on board.  Typically around the £12 mark, in most mens skin care stores, BullDog natural grooming boasts nine different products, individually designed to cater for the varying requirements of your skin.  Their much coveted eye roll on made it to number one in our Top 5 Men’s eye roll on’s guide a number of weeks ago and the entire brand upholds this organic expertise.  Using strictly organic ingredients for the most natural of skin care upkeep, the grisly BullDog well and truly deserves to make it onto our skin care countdown as he tries to make it into your bathroom play.


eshave Logo6. eShave

It is a startling fact fellas, that your skin care performance is only really as good as your shaving techniques, practices and products.  After all, for the average man who shaves three times per week, getting this aspect of your grooming right is crucial for a positive look all week long.  For this, we would like to introduce you to eShave, a revolutionary shaving range of products designed to make the typically rigorous and challenging task of shaving, a daily pleasure, ensuring your skin isn’t left facing the brunt of it when it comes to stepping out the front door.

Arriving in a luxurious range of 8 fragrances, the eShave range includes, shaving cream, pre shave oil and luxurious after shave balm.  The brand also offers an exciting new range of skin care products, including a face wash, scrub and toner.  All that we can say is keep it up guys and next year we would anticipate a rise in the rankings.


Rehab London Logo5. Rehab London Skin Care

What MaleSkin love about Rehab London, is not only their six products’ performance but the fact that the range isn’t shoved down the throats of potential mens skincare clients.  Available both online at and John Lewis, Rehab London is a specialist brand for a very specific male skin care lover.  Their anti-shine moisturiser and Scrub Up Daily Detox exfoliator for men are by far our most popular products, and we would encourage any man out there to take one of their six wonderful products on board and see if it can improve your grooming life.  Powered by the expertise of enriching oils and supreme botanicals, this natural skin care range is one to treasure, if you are looking for skin freshness and revitalization.


Bluebeards Products4. The Blue Beards Revenge

Very common amongst younger chaps, The BlueBeards Revenge shaving range was specifically formulated by a team of men tired of looking like a desperate dan look-a-like.  Renowned to be extra kind to your skin during shave time, the whole display is sharp, edgy and funky.  With the brawn to back up the brains behind each product, BlueBeards certainly know how to deal with a wide range of common shaving issues men may face on a day to day basis.  Skin irritation, soreness are no more when employing this expert range.  Given the common nature of such shave related problems and the sheer power of BlueBeards, this range well and truly deserves it’s place just shy of the podium in this years skin care derby.


Lab Series Products3. Lab Series

Allow us to introduce you to innovative skin care.  Forward thinking approaches that deliver results to mens skin time and time again.  Lab Series are one of the most prestigious brands in the world of skin care for men.  Formulated using patented high spec ingredients and delivery systems to the skin, which are years ahead of any other, turn up the technology when backed into a skin care emergency with these highly charged formulas. 


Whether it is intensive caring agents, designed to tackle wrinkles and general fatigue, potently brilliant eye serums to bring your dark and faded features back into shape, or even a fabulous and natural covering agent required to cover up a series of blemishes, Lab Series skin care for men, is certainly one to consider.  Roll back the years and treat yourself to a boost in confidence with their instantly empowering range of products.  The phrase worth every penny comes to mind when judging their slightly inflated but truly justified price tag.


Recipe For Men Products2. Recipe For Men

Logical skincare!  That’s how Recipe For Men describe their exciting range of products.  Packaged in stylish, sophisticated and cool boxes and bottles, each product in the range specifically caters for the individual needs of men’s skin.  From their facial cleanser and aftershave balm, right through to their eye recovery patches and contour gel, the entire range screams class.  Dedicated to give you that post holiday glowing look and confidence, whilst providing a great natural layer of protection, ensuring your skin does not come crashing to the ground, this men’s skincare range has won countless awards by some of the biggest names in the industry.

Priding themselves on providing valuable hydration and optimal energy to mens skin, Recipe For Men’s products contain oil free bases, allowing for quick absorbing and minimal facial shine.  Formulated in Sweden and trialled during their harshest of winters, the brand offers over 20 products, all carefully formulated to dramatically revive your skin’s performance.  



So we come to it gents, MMUK MAN.  A completely compelling and addictive range of mens skincare and cosmetics for your eyes only.  The growth of male cosmetics has been well documented of late, but there is simply only one brand which does it like no other.  Focused entirely on covering up facial imperfections, as appose to solely treating them, MMUK MAN encourage their trusted faithful that from time to time, facial blemishes, spots, blackheads and eventually wrinkles are simply inevitable.  

Whilst you can spend hundreds on products to try and reduce them, you certainly do not want to be left looking like a Botox’d up Hollywood B lister.  Instead, MMUK MAN, prefer to focus entirely on what can be done in the short term as they expertly manage the performance of cosmetics for men.

For wrinkles, fine lines and bumpy skin, call upon the power of one of MMUK MAN’s expert foundations.  For the more defined imperfections, such as acne scars, spots and blemishes, a range of concealer for men is available for you to try out.  Furthermore, bring lifeless eyes to life with a great range of man-scara, guyliner and lash primer.

The exciting news; MMUK MAN’s skin care range is currently in the final approval stage to go on sale in the EU.  If their luxurious range of cosmetics is at all anything to go on, fellas, you are very much in for a treat.  There is little surprise in the astronomic rise in the popularity of MMUK MAN, and the brand remains certainly one to look out for as we head further into 2013.