Mens BackSpotty backs, they can be a real eye sore can't they? Whether you're stretched out on a sun lounger, in the pool at your local gym, or just undressing in front of your partner, having a spotty back may be something weighing heavily on your mind and confidence. Thankfully gentlemen, with a few male grooming tips, you can learn to tackle a spotty back and treat it entirely, allowing your confidence and happiness to quickly get back on track, as you surge towards becoming a fully fledged modern man.


When it comes to tackling a spotty back, there's a couple of ingredients to keep an eye out for, the first being Salicylic Acid. This, along with Triclosan can be found in most anti acne sprays and body exfoliates that are geared to unblock pores and remove excess sebum from the skin. Exfoliation of the back quite literally clears away all of the gunky residue that causes the onset of bacne and irritation.


Sebum build up can also be controlled by avoiding cotton t shirts in the gym and heading down to the man-parlour for a little treatment of your own every once in a while. That's right gents, 'back facials' are becoming all the rage of late and this anti acne treatment specifically for the back is becoming very common amongst men in particular, who have 40% more hair follicles than women in this area.


Simple, stylish and effective grooming can erase all of your back grief and by implementing one or two products into your daily skincare regime, you can set the scene for a completely revitalized look all over. We recommend Menaji’s Face and Body Scrub and Recipe For Men’s Body Cream as a delightful duo to fend off a spotty back once and for all.