When Dion Nash launched Triumph & Disaster in 2011, few would have thought that the brand would organically evolve into a worldwide men’s grooming powerhouse in the years to follow. However, with year upon year of tireless research and development, product testing and promoting, we sit here on the cusp of 2018 with Triumph and Disaster etched firmly on a place setting at the men’s skin care industry’s top table.

With the brand now boasting a collection of over twenty premium quality men’s products - featuring common skin care staples such as face scrub, moisturiser and cleanser, right through to hair essentials, including shampoo and condition - it’s safe to say that they cover more than one or two bases in helping modern day men put the best version of themselves forward each and every day.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been trialling some of Triumph & Disasters best bits and have hand picked four of our favourites to bring you today. For supreme top to toe grooming, Triumph’s Coltrane Clay, Seal Salt Tonic, Ritual Face Cleanser and Body Moisturiser combine to create a formidable forcefield in the bathroom and a much needed injection of pace into your skin care attack.

Triumph & Disaster Body Moisturiser

What struck us most about the Body Moisturiser is its obvious willingness to hydrate, sooth and moisturiser the body’s moist vulnerable and dry areas. It’s safe to say that this men’s body care product doesn’t spare and punches in its efforts to fully reignite and re-condition the skin. This was used by Alex for over a week with ‘its light and woody scent being a huge drawer towards wanting and remembering to put this product on both morning and night.’ Alex goes on to say that he ‘wasn’t expecting a gradual tan to develop over his week of use and was pleasantly surprised to see a vast improvement in my (his) skin’s tone, texture and colour’.

Triumph & Disaster Ritual Face Cleanser

Designed to gently dissolve grime whilst cleansing and clearing the skin, it’s another A-plus for the Ritual Face Cleanser that can be applied every day without fear of it over drying the skin or stripping away your skin’s natural moisture. With daily use, you can soon look forward to fresh, soothed and brighter looking skin in next to no time. The Ritual Face Cleanser’s packaging alone encompasses the obvious masculinity that form the building blocks of the brand and wouldn’t look out of place on even the most screamingly machismo man’s bathroom shelf - and it’s a massive a-men to that!

Triumph & Disaster Karekare Sea Salt Tonic

Our very own grooming guru, hair loving and outright cosmetic junkie Jonny tried his hand at Triumph and Disaster’s Seas Salt Tonic and Coltrane Clay for the week and was ‘deeply impressed with not only the natural looks that each product gave but their ability to hold and stay in place throughout the day’.

Taking bland, dull and fatigued locks and invigorating them with natural salts and essential root extracts, the Karekare Sea Salt Spray packs a powerful punch in the hair care and styling stakes with a twist of New Zealand excellence. This beautifully scented spray guarantees to hit all the right notes in your quest for devastatingly devilish hair design.

Triumph & Disaster Coltrane Clay

To cap off your new routine in style, Coltrane Clay promises a matte and firm hold all day long, whilst its nutrient rich base moisturizes and protects faltering follicles, long after removal. With and obtuse masculinity set across all four products, you’re just as likely to greet each one with an abundance of roars, as you are that confidence boosting nod of approval.