With hair loss problems and hair growth treatments gaining more and more air time within the male grooming arena, I thought it about time to start rattling through a few of the market's so called 'heavyweights' in this division, in order to see if any of them really could live up to the hype. In addition to hair growth treatments, there is also a rise of men's general hair treatments and scalp care products, all designed to give your fading locks a much needed boost in health, vitality and strength.

A few weeks ago, I was asked by Australian skin care for men specialists Vitaman to run the rule over their Hair Food treatment for men, to see if it had the calibre of qualities to present to you guys. I've tried quite a few products from Vitaman in the past eighteen months or so, so was extremely excited to see what the Hair Food product could do for my thinning and fatigued hair.

Before I go into details, let's just have a quick look at what Vitaman claim that this luxury hair product does for both your scalp and hair

Firstly, it promises to treat and calm scalp conditions, as well as reinforce your hair's strength with a combination of minerals, ancient herbs and proteins. Secondly, it helps stimulate hair growth through the same protein mechanism and an essential mix of nutrients. If that wasn't enough, Vitaman's Hair Food supposedly improves circulation at the scalp, with it improving the quality of hair produced and the overall health of your hair. Whilst that seems like a lot of benefits to take in all at once, I found that the best way to compare its supposed benefits is to try this product for a few weeks, to see if Vitaman really delivers the promises they outline.

My first impressions upon arrival is that you get plenty of product for the £30-35 average cost out there on the web. Just a couple of pumps of the product is enough to thoroughly coat your hair without it looking greasy and for this, even with daily use, it would last me months. Nice packaging and with the bottle resembling something out of a bio chemists lab, you get the feeling that this product is of supreme manufacturing quality.

When it comes to the promise of thickening and improving the condition of your hair, I'd have to 100% agree. My hair feels thicker and fuller, almost winding back the years to a fully fledged hair rocking teenager, minus the acne spots this time though!

Whilst I cannot comment on this products ability to improve hair growth, as it's just been a few weeks, I can definitely say that the quality of my hair has improved significantly. It's complete ease to rub into your scalp gives it a refreshing tingle and it's a perfect addition to my evening grooming regime. It does have a little smell to it at the beginning which is quite musky, which I like. In every aspect Vitaman 's Hair Food ticks all the boxes for me and for gentlemen fast approaching thirty and beyond, adding one of these to your grooming collection is an absolute essential!