It’s been a couple of years now since we first interviewed MMUK MAN CEO Alex Dalley and with this week’s breaking news that Chanel is to launch an exclusive range of makeup for men, we thought we’d check in with one of the U.K’s fastest growing male beauty brands. Alex has taken some time out of his extremely busy schedule to discuss his inspiration for creating the range and more importantly, what’s next for the brand recently dubbed ‘the masters of beauty’.

First of all, can you give MaleSkin’s readers a quick overview of the brand?

MMUK MAN is a luxury men’s beauty brand that specialises in makeup products such as foundation, concealer and tinted moisturiser. The brand was created in 2011 by myself with an initial 8 products. Today, we offer over 70 luxury products specifically formulated for men’s skin.

Can you tell us a bit about your background?

I began wearing makeup to cover up my severe acne in 2006. I remember having to go to my school prom and my sports were so bad, I simply didn’t want to go. My mum suggested putting on foundation and the rest was history. I have a first class degree in Economics and Business too, which helps me support the growth of the brand from a CEO capacity.

What was your inspiration for creating the range?

I wanted to create a range of products that men felt comfortable buying without the stigma that makeup is entirely feminine. I wanted to create a range that looked masculine and high class and I didn’t want to be just another brand who launched just a few products. I knew I wanted a complete brand that offered men every type of product for their various needs.

Do you have any tips for someone wanting to start a beauty brand?

Be prepared to spend a lot of time and money on the project and know exactly what you want to create as you can easily spend thousands on new products that might not fit correctly into your line. Keep things simple and don’t mess about or confuse men with product names and more than anything else, you don’t have to make it look over masculine. Men will know that the brand is made for them and you don’t need to put ‘power’ or ‘max strength’ in the title to make it appeal to men.

How did you decide what products you wanted in the range?

We started with a core range and as our clients needs grew, we grew each category accordingly. We wanted to cater for every skin type and tone so a lot of development was put into that. Of course, we also drew a lot of inspiration from female brands in anticipation of the male market following a similar route.

How do you think men’s makeup differs from women’s makeup?

Men’s makeup products must be more matte and finely textured. Nor, must they offer complete coverage, as most guys don’t want a caked up look. Glitter, shimmer and glowing pigments are definitely the types of things that should be avoided in men’s makeup and as guys have oilier skin typically, you always need to limit those in the ingredients.

If you were to pick three or four products that every man should have in his kit what would they be?

I’d recommend starting with our BB cream, followed by our concealer stick to cover up any final blemishes, before deploying an anti-shine powder to lock in the look all day long. To finish, a touch of brow gel, because let’s face it, no-one wants unruly brows.

Without giving too much away can you give us any hints on whats next for the brand?

At the moment we’re looking at the global expansion of the brand. We’re launching in 6 countries across Europe before the end of the year as well as in New Zealand and Australia, at a fabulous new male lifestyle store that’s launching on November 1st. We’re looking to serve the growing male grooming needs of men all over the world and won’t stop until the job’s finished.

What are your personal favourite products from the range?

My favourite product from the range is our Under Eye Concealer. I have lots of late nights working on the brand and keeping two children on the straight and narrow and with it, comes eye bags and dark circles. It’s definitely one that’s needed in my routine!

I have noticed mens makeup has been becoming a lot more popular in Australia, what’s it like in the UK?

It’s certainly exploded in the last 18 months. Social media has had a huge part of that, as well as a breakdown of social barriers towards men wearing makeup. Of course, we’ve got lifestyle shows in the U.k like TOWIE and Made In Chelsea that are forcing guys to put their best face forward and gents all over the U.K are responding to it.

men’s skin care interview,male skin care blog,men’s makeup,mmuk man. In this week’s male skin blog, we caught up with MMUK MAN CEO Alex Dalley, who has answered some questions on his brand and what the future holds for one of the fastest growing male beauty brands in the U.K.