This week, we were contacted by Mark, a man in his 50's, keen to upgrade his grooming game. Aside from having some areas of under performing skin, Mark also suffers with dark circles and fine lines. In steps MaleSkin's men's skin care expert Alex, with some valuable advice on how Mark can achieve a simple, effective and easy to master skin care routine. So, here's what Alex has to say.

Good morning Mark,

I hope you are well and thanks for getting in touch. I'm very confident I can help. Lucy has passed on your query to me and here's what I would recommend.

Firstly, I'd recommend the use of a good quality facial exfoliator, cleanser and toner, giving you a daily healthy dose of vitality and rejuvenation. For this , I'd recommend the Jack Black range of skin care, which offers a nice balance between performance and cost. Use their Energizing Face Buff in the shower, then apply their Daily Cleanser when you get out, before rinsing it off, drying your face and spraying on a little of Jack Black’s Anti-Oxidant Toner . This Trio of products will give your skin the opportunity to look firmer, more even and more youthful and will make you feel great too.

After you've used these three, pat dry your face with a towel and apply a little Polaar Men Anti-Ageing Care. This is a high performance age reversal cream and by far our most popular for men in their 40's and 50's, keen to look rejuvenated and minimize the common signs of ageing like fine lines, wrinkles and rough skin. This can be applied in the same way you would apply a normal men's moisturiser and with it quickly sinking into your skin, it will instantly soothe and hydrate it. Polaar Men’s Anti-Ageing Care contains very high performance ingredients to reinforce your skin’s natural moisture barrier and create a smooth looking surface for your final products to be built upon.

Finally, I'd recommend the use of MYEGO’s Tinted Moisturiser. If you're new to the idea of Tinted Moisturiser, this is like a normal daily moisturiser, but with a subtle hint of tan that will make your skin look even and sun kissed. You can apply this all over your face, but do use sparingly, and you'll notice an immediate improvement in your skin's surface.

Finish off by applying a little Eye Cream, in the form of Polaar’s Icy Magic Eye Roll On, under your eyes and letting that soak in for a minute or so, before dabbing a tiny about of MYEGO Concealer to your under eye contours. The eye cream will help the long term vitality of this very delicate area of skin, whilst the concealer will cover up dark circles, fine lines and eye bags naturally and immediately.

I know there's quite a few products in this list. There are more, but these will give you a complete routine that you can follow and feel great in no time with. I'm always here, should you need any further help before and after your purchase. Some items are on our sister website and I've put the links to my suggestions below.

if you wanted to go ahead and buy all these items, I’m happy to include a really nice Biotherm Homme Wash Bag, which contains a couple of shaving products too. It normally costs £50.00 but I’m happy to include this for free, which you can store all your new products in.

Have a great day and if you need any more men’s grooming assistance please let me know.