The population of men in the UK currently stands at around 30 million, meaning give or take, there’s about 60 million balls out there that regularly need attention. If I had a pound for every time a guy has asked me what the best way to shave his crown jewels is, it’s safe to say I certainly wouldn’t be packing my bags right now for a budget holiday to Majorca with my slightly weird uncle Pete.

Trimming or shaving the 60 million or so true national treasures out there has become somewhat of an obsession in recent years. Whether it’s because guys want to feel and look cleaner, or they just want other things to stand out from the crowd a little more, i’m not sure, but one thing I am sure about is keeping the garden tidy is actually a lot easier than you may think.

My advice would be to start off by trimming back the outback, sorry the bush with a body trimmer, general men’s grooming trimmer, or if you’re feeling really brave and haven’t just plucked up the courage with five or six pints, a pair of male grooming scissors. The idea behind starting off in this way is that you’re really cutting back most of the mess that’s otherwise going to just get in the way, before targeting a smooth shave with a razor.

Next, it’s time to splash your balls with cold water to tighten the skin, which in turn shrinks the surface of them and makes it much easier to shave. Apply a healthy dose of shaving cream and lather them up, trying not to get too excited, before targeting your remaining hairs with short gentle strokes of your chosen razor. Don’t be afraid to rinse everything off about 70% of the way through either, just so you can see patches that you might have missed and to give your sack the chance to get re-lubricated.

After you feel you’ve conquered the conkers once and for all, apply a healthy dose of aftershave balm to finish the job off in style. A good balm will not only sooth and calm any itchy or irritated skin, but will reduce the chance of chafing after you’ve put your tighty whities back on. With regular ball shaving, you can stay on top of this area of men’s grooming easier than ever before and it’s safe to say the lady or ladies in your life will love you even more for it.