You’ve probably heard the term ‘toners’ floating around and it’s a product that should be included if you are serious about looking after your skin. Yes, it is an extra step to take in the morning/evening, but the results outweigh the effort of actually applying it. Let’s break down why a toner deserves a place in your skincare regime with these beneficial points in the list below:

Double Duty

Provides an extra secondary cleanse to the skin – after a bath, shower or face wash. This will help to further remove residual dirt, bacteria and build-up on the skins surface that may have been initially missed whilst you washed the first time around.

Build The Base

It ensures a solid foundation to the skin, for the later application of both skincare products and makeup cosmetics.

Complete Refreshment

Toners can leave your skin refreshed, restored and calmed.

Rid Those Bumps

Depending on the ingredients in the product, toners can prevent ingrown hairs from forming under the skins surface.

Balance Is Key

Rebalancing your skins natural pH levels after the use of alkaline found in soap. It reduces the product of oils in the skin and calming restores your skins natural levels.

Refine Those Pores

You will find in some varieties of toners that whilst removing the oils from your skin, they leave your pores appearing more refined and smaller.

Ant-Bacterial Benefits

Toners leave a lightweight veil that shields your skin against natural aggressors, bacterial infiltrators, particle and airborne pollutants.

Improve Your Cleanse

If you’ve been wearing heavier products such as sunscreen SPF’s (which you should be wearing too!), or makeup, a toner will provide a better cleanse to the skin to ensure the removal of said products. Even after a shower, bath or facial cleanse.

Restore The Faith

Whilst cleansing normally with facial washes, soaps and scrubs, you strip the skins surface of naturally hydrating facial oils. Some toners act as humectants which help to keep your skin hydrated and from drying out. Humectants bind moisture into the skin and lock it in to keep your skin bouncier, more elastic and youthful. This moisturising effect is great for the skin’s health.

Resurface, revitalise, enliven and fortify your skins surface structure in a matter of minutes.

Rich In Antioxidants

Toners are rich in many ingredients. Vitamin and mineral potent, that hydrate, enrich and maximise great skin results.

Improve Performance

You’ll find that serums, essence lotions, splashes, waters and moisturisers effects are maximised better and deeper into the skin after the use of a toner. A toner applied to the skin enhances the products used in the next steps of your regime. You’ll find skincare products are able to penetrate further and really make more of an impact on the skin. Bettering the deliverance and navigation of formulas and complexes that are commonly found in potent solutions such as serums and rich moisturisers.

Anti-Pollution Benefits

If you live in areas with hard water, you’ll find using a toner will actively remove metallic and mineral deposits that are left on the skin when initially cleansing the skin with tap water prior. These microscopic elements and traces of, lay themselves in the skin pores and crevices and often irritate, inflame or upset the skin.

Ideal For All Skin Types

Toners are an everyman item and work for all skin types and people. Those who suffer with acne prone and oily skin can benefit immensely from implementing a toner into their regime. There are many versatile and brilliant toners for all other skin types too, all providing massive properties to bettering your skins health.

Do Your Research

Toners as a mass, are usually quite affordable on the market. Ranging from £5 - £30 on average, you are bound to find one (results and cost) you are happy with.

Easy Peasy

Easy to apply – either splash the solution into the hands and pat across your face, or for increased results use an organic cotton pad, or reusable cloth. Sock the applicator with the toner and wipe across the face into the grooves and contours of your face to provide a barrier. Afterwards applying your next products in your regime will lock in further moisture to the skin and encourage the control of water on and in the surface layers of the skin.

As you can see a toner can improve the quality and health of your skin. If used consistently you will see clear results across your skin. It doesn’t matter what type of skin you have and what category your skin falls into. Whether you are young or mature, your skin is important to maintain. And implementing a toner into your skincare regime at an earlier age should allow your skin to look and feel more youthful for longer. When used in conjunction with other skincare products in a regime and alongside a healthy lifestyle too, you can enjoy a complexion that looks and feels amazing every day.

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