A massive Happy New Year to all our gents that follow this blog. Thank you so much for supporting and reading through our posts from last year. It has been fantastic connecting with you guys! Here is to 2020 and what will be a great year for you, your wellbeing and your skin!

It all starts with that change doesn’t it? The ‘New Year, New Me’ crap that is forced upon us each January is like clockwork. We take it upon ourselves to get sucked into the vortex. “This is the year I tackle the gym 6 days a week”, “this is the year I read 20 books”, “this is the year I learn to sky dive”. For those who actually achieve your yearly goals like this and complete them, well done. For others (and you aren’t alone) setting yourself up to make that grand change can be exciting but stressful to complete. We allow ourselves to make excuses feeling the pressure that usually sinks in, to continue our New Year’s goal and that defeats the goal entirely. I believe in using January for tackling your self-worth and mind set personally. You’ll set yourself up mentally for the rest of the year if you take the time for yourself. It is easy to feel pressured by everyone else during this time to make a massive change (i.e. like joining the gym) and routinely slotting that in, after what is usually the most stressful month of the year (December). But you don’t need to. Or feel guilty for taking the time to recuperate during January. I sure as hell don’t each year!

I believe in starting smaller goals. Give yourself a more realistic goal firstly and break it down logically into smaller bite size chunks. It is easier to manage. I changed my outlook towards the ‘New Year, New Me’, when one year I decided my goals would be different. To give myself time each day for me and improve my skin’s wellbeing and health. I was sick of my grey and congested complexion looking back in the mirror. Instead of the usual giant goal of getting shredded for summer (which I’ve given up numerous times over the previous years), I’ve tackled my skin’s wellbeing instead. I feel now should I want to incorporate the gym challenge into my schedule, I would be more inclined to get to the end result because I’ve achieved these smaller goals prior. Tackling my skins health and complexions has given me more life to want to achieve bigger goals. I have that burst of energy, because I want to smile each time I see my skin in the mirror.

I started off thinking at the time that a skincare routine sounded time consuming, but it can easily be slotted into your day-to-day lifestyle if you break down your day. You just need patience to start with and an understanding on why it can make a difference to your skin. This was the first thing I tackled for myself several years back and I complete this with ease, each day. Some days I add additional products to my routine and others are more simplistic. I give myself 30 minutes each morning after I have showered and cleansed. In this time sorely for me, I have my morning cup of tea (coffee if I’m feeling adventurous!), apply my skincare routine/products and go through my checklist for that day. After this brief moment I steal away for myself, I feel strategically energised for my multitude of things I need to do. All knowing however that I have not only set myself up for the day, but have given my skin the best chance against the day too. Being able to merge these two goals into an achievable goal for myself was the best thing I could have done for myself. Being logical and ignoring the siren calls of the ‘New Me, New Year fools has improved my overall wellbeing and my skin too.

I had spent years envying other peoples glowing complexions. The ones you see who appear to have come back from holiday, however it is just their natural, warm healthy skin. I used to think skincare products where a huge waste of money and a simple bodywash worked for every inch of my skin. Doing the research into the skincare game got me thinking differently and enforced a happier wellbeing in myself because my complexion changed so much for the better. The best goal I’ve set for myself was to look after my skin better and that is because I’ve ignored this awful New Year, New Me rubbish every falls victim too.

How many of you reading have gazed into the mirror, only to see a reflection staring back that looks lacklustre and brings your confidence down? The reflection that leaves you feeling drained and uninspired to go and do things. The only big change you should be focusing on this year is you and your skin. You are here reading because you are after advice and it is simple. Give yourself a new outlook to your day by treating your skin better and everything else becomes more manageable. You’ll notice a real change if you invest in a routine that works for you and you can get help by reaching out to us.