Evolution Man Oil Free MoisturiserMens anti-shine moisturisers are a relatively new range of products, arriving on to the market as male grooming habits have intensified in recent years.  Whilst the exploding popularity of mens skin care is clear for most to see, these hidden gems remain somewhat untouched within the cauldron of skin care for men.  Available from popular male skin brands like Recipe For Men and Nickel, we predict these products will play a growingly important role in the years to come, as gentlemen all over the world further fine tune their appearance.


But, what are they all about?  What do they do? And, how do you know if you should wear one?  The answer is this.  If you tend to suffer with oily skin,, this will be because of your oily skin type.  Nice and simple.  Anti-shine moisturisers for men control and combat excess oil secretion within the skin and effectively manage sebum levels all day long.  Unlike normal moisturisers, they don’t contain oil based properties, which if used on this skin type, essentially weigh the skin down with unneeded complexes.


Nickel Anti Shine MoisturiserThe six key reasons to use anti-shine moisturisers are as follows:

Firstly, they keep your pores unclogged, resulting in an even, refined and toned complexion.  Following on from this, the successful maintenance of unclogged pores mean dirt and grime will not build up over time.  The result?  Achieve clearer and cleaner skin within a matter of days.


No man out there wants his face to be glowing into next week, and an anti shine moisturiser does exactly what it says on the box.  It removes shine!  Typically arising across the forehead, nose and cheeks, shine can be a real scupper to your grooming standards and over oily skin surfaces can just look wrong.


Giving you a license to achieve all day refreshment, this range of skin care for men really packs a punch when it comes to looking great.  Fight off the common signs of fatigue and swamped skin and best off all gentlemen, keep it at bay way into the night.


Finally, think of using ordinary moisturiser on oily skin types as putting diesel into a petrol car - it’s simply going nowhere fast guys!  Furthermore, managing your skin type with this range will seriously increase the performance of your other grooming products, such as eye creams, face washes and even concealer for men.


Take fast and effective action in your daily battle against shiny skin with the likes of L’Oreal’s Pure and Matte Moisturising Gel, Nickel’s Anti-Shine Moisturiser or Evolution Main’s Oil-Free Moisturiser For Men.  All three products are available on store and start at as little as £12.00.