Mans Beard

The men's grooming world is littered with thousands of useful facts, hints and tips. However gentlemen, with this, comes a whole lot of shaving related nonsense too. Amongst the treasure chests of brilliant and informative grooming guidelines out there, there is unfortunately a wealth of do not follow myths also. With one of the most common being: Will shaving make my beard grow back thicker?

The answer my men is an explicit no! If this were true, men who have been shaving since their teens all over the UK, would have thick and dense facial hair, with those who have let things be in this department, having relatively faint and dispersed facial forests. This most definitely isn't the case, as the density of your beard is mainly affected by your genetic make-up, your age and the current structure of your bodily hormones amongst other factors.

So gentlemen, next time you're in your local barbershop and you hear the guy next to you spouting on about how his five shaves a week is contributing to his beastly beloved facial center piece, put him straight, to make sure all of us guys quickly convene, to sing off the same male grooming him sheet. For gentlemen out there wishing to dense up their beard and fight off thinning and patchy facial hair, I would recommend implementing the use of a Men's Beard Filler in your daily routine, a men’s grooming product that looks very natural and offers superb enhancing benefits.