Winter is a formidable foe each year it comes around and your skin is always left on the front line battered. While we usually go about our daily skincare routine, it is wise to boost it a little further, during these icier days with the points in this post.

To properly protect the skin. Moisturise. And often too, more so than you would during the summer. Our faces without added protection in the winter are subdued to, loss of moisture and thinning of the skin. Which can lead to redness, irritation and even flakiness. Moisturing helps to lock in moisture throughout the day which gives you more resiliant skin.

Three things should always be apparent regardless of the season, with any skin care routine in place. Sleep, water intake and diet should be a top priority, because without these you haven't got yourself a good foundation to work from.

Your skin naturally heals itself when you sleep, this is called cellular renewal. Your body works hard throughout the night to revert the damages naturally and environmentally caused during the day. Sleep is super important for keeping skin plump and elastic. Collagen-producing cells help to rejuvenate your skin, so it is very important to get that "beauty rest".

Our bodies are made up of water and a lack of it leaves you feeling dull and without energy. And this is the same for your skin too, imagine it like a sea sponge in the ocean. Submerged under the water, it is hydrated and full of life. A lack of water leaves it lifeless and dull. It dries up and becomes brittle. Your skin has a similar reaction to a lack of water in your body. It becomes thinner, drier and prone to damages. Hydrated skin is bouncy, more elastic and far more resilient.

What we put into our bodies also affects our skin. Greasy foods give us excess fat, which causes oily skin. Foods high in water help greatly at keeping us topped up. Watermelon and cucumber which are high in water, help sustain you throughout the day and are also full of anti-oxidants which will come into effect whilst you get your evening rest.

A great option, especially during these bitter months, is to be smart and use top products to help boost your skin's defences. Moisturising before bed is fantastic after a shower/bath, but make sure you allow it to absorb into your skin before diving into the covers. Come the morning I would rewash your face to wake yourself up. Then use a toner and again apply a decent coverage of moisturiser. Allow setting before you venture outside, to ensure you are more resilient to the day's skin-damaging encounters.

A toner is a great option before moisturiser as it rebalances the skin's oil levels, boosts hydrating properties of the skin and creates an invisible wall over your face to battle things like pollution and wind damages. MMUKman's premium 'Facial Firmer Toner' will give you a strong defence, before you add on a moisturiser. Rich in marine minerals and rejuvenating properties, you'll set yourself up correctly for the day and your skin will thank you come the evening.

Moisturise your skin afterwards with a luxury product from Anthony Logistics range. Their 'All Purpose Facial Moisturiser' will have you covered all day with its formula. Quick absorbing too, which is perfect for a morning rush to work. (we all get those days). Its aroma is light and refreshing, whilst it is packed with vitamins A, C and E to help nourish your skin throughout the day.

Toning your face and moisturising benefit your face greatly. Combined together, give you much better results and longer lasting effects too. Battling the 6am commute to work is horrible enough with piercing winds and packed trains/armpits in your face. But having to restore your skin afterwards is something you can avoid doing, if you are smart with your facial routine. Save time, by allowing yourself extra time in the morning to prepare your skin for the day.