Zirh men’s skin care is not a brand that we’ve had too many dealings with in the past, nor have we featured any of their products in great depth across our men’s skin care blog. However, that’s all about to change as we welcome 2018 with a bang and the launch of this hugely popular men’s grooming range.

Featuring nineteen high quality men’s grooming essentials, covering everything from face wash to shave cream, ZIRH promise to put the grrr back in your bathroom regime this new year. With their unique silver and blue branding and man size portions, Zirh really dish up a treat when it comes to caring correctly for your skin. There’s also an obvious masculinity about how the brand looks and feels, allowing them to sit proudly on your bathroom shelf or in your gym bag.

From a cleansing aspect, ZIRH offer a face scrub and a facial wash. But it’s when it comes to superior shaving that the brand really takes center stage. Boasting a brilliant quality Shave Cream, Shave Gel and Aftershave Soother, you can sit back and relax knowing the daily rigors of shaving aren’t going to ruin your grooming game.

Zirh’s Protect, Correct and Restore face creams have been designed to hydrate and nourish every single men’s skin type, whilst their Rejuvenate moisturiser is particularly potent for gentleman wishing to claw back lost years and achieve a brighter and fresher complexion.

A grooming brand designed for men and their everyday skin challenges, Zirh has been serving the needs of growingly complexion obsessed guys for over twenty years. Their entire line features state-of-the-art formulations that offer a combination of the world’s most powerful ingredients and most advanced skin care technologies. Zirh have an incredibly strong colt following worldwide and reach British shores courtesy of your number one grooming retailer MaleSkin. With a loyal customer base that features male celebrities, musicians, athletes and every day modern men - isn’t it about time that you joined the grooming revolution?

From Zirh’s signature packaging to elite ingredients, each and every product is designed strictly with men in mind. Proudly producing regular results, Zirh are confident they can take the guesswork out of your grooming regiment and help you put your best boat race forward each and every day.