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Anti-Aging Guide

Man In MirrorMost men believe that the key to offloading your aging daemons is to discover how to treat fine lines and wrinkles. Although, very true, these age related imperfections make up just a fraction of unwanted skin features associated with truly living it up during your youth. Besides this common belief, it is imperative to understand some of the other key features of aging, in order for you to be truly able to combat and remove them.

Such mens aging characteristics include; facial drooping, sagging, tired looking eyes and general skin dullness. Furthermore, fatigued skin, excessively sun damaged skin and harder to remove facial blemishes are also features which may have your confidence tied up in knots.

Fortunately gentlemen, there is an answer! By following a very strict, high performance and specialist mens skincare program, you too can achieve a more youthful and fresher look, depending of course, on how long your skin has been displaying these aging characteristics. On the negative side fellas, high quality anti aging products for men tend to be more expensive, as most contain highly charged and more concentrated ingredients, which your skin truly requires for complete regeneration.

In this very thorough mens anti-aging skin care guide, MaleSkin would like to walk you through step by step, what it takes to uphold a great age-less routine. Be patient, be precise and take on board some of the key skin care tips highlighted throughout, and before you know it, you will be looking fresher than on that dance floor back in 99.

A good anti-aging skin care program requires more than just the adoption of a good series of products. It revolves around a brand new and invigorated lifestyle. After all, if you can’t generate positivity and well-being from within, what chance has your skin got at looking fresh and youthful? Apart from the interception of an expensive plastic surgeon, you will ultimately be constantly fighting a losing battle, regardless of your male skin care products. Some of the key tips to take on board before we get you into our specific skin care guide are:

Avoiding Sun Beds

We don’t want to have to list the detrimental effects of sun beds and tanning salons on your skin. It’s just important to note that they are plain and simply not good for you! Use a moisturising tanning lotion, if you want to look nice and bronzed. Premature aging, skin damage, pigment eruption and cancer all far outweigh the benefits of looking good during those bleak winter months.

Drinking 8 glasses of water per day

Drinking eight glasses of water is a big ask, we know. We advise to start off slowly and get yourself in the frame of mind for it. Start off with four a day for a week and move onto 5, 6, 7 and 8 over the course of a month. Take a large bottle with you to work as well. Because, let’s face it, you don’t want to be getting up every 5 minutes to get one of those plastic dispenser cups, they’re just plain unmanly. Do it on a man-scale!

Water makes your skin look more hydrated and plump (not the most masculine of words we know!). Ultimately resulting in a more refined and toned complexion, within the space of four weeks you will see a dramatic improvement in your overall look and will be rolling back the years at a rate of knots. Water also helps your skin naturally dispense of dirt and toxins, also crucial for an anti-aging lifestyle.

Making sure you get at least 8 hours of sleep per night.

A massive hit! If you can master this fellas, you are onto a winner. The human body needs this amount of sleep for long term optimal functionality. If it doesn’t, your stress and tiredness levels will rise. Under these conditions, the first thing to bolt is your skin. Eye bags, puffiness and fatigue will all show their ugly side, even if you miss just a couple of eight hour sleeps each week. Enjoy your sleep, learn how to switch off and really rest your mind and body and your skin will very much thank you for it.

Exercising regularly

You cannot ignore the importance of exercise when it comes to men looking younger. As well as dramatically reducing stress levels, improving your well-being and promoting a more positive frame of mind. Regular exercise improves skin functionality, water dispersion and generates a more vibrant epidermis. As a result, your skin looks fresher, more evenly toned and refined, all contributing to a younger looking glow.

Managing day-to-day stress Be sure to get some ‘me time!’ Whether it is watching your favourite comedy for an hour at night, reading a book, or laying in bed on the ipad, playing your favourite game. Whatever it is, you need to learn how to unwind and your skin will thank you very much for it. Excessive facial contractions are very much associated with higher stress levels, such contractions cause fine lines and crevices to appear, and yes, you’ve guessed it, faster aging skin. Cut it out!

Denzel Washington swears by counting to eighty every time he is encountered by stress. If you have the time, do it! Let the stress wash away and plan how you are going to fix the problems. Whilst it may sound excessive, reduced stress levels ensure your outer layer of skin is protected, meaning if you become run down, you are not left paying the price for weeks on end.

Avoiding fatty and greasy foods.

Fatty and greasy food, as well as not being good for your health, play absolute havoc with your skin. They effect your skin’s natural oil barrier and ultimately balance, as well as placing it under intense pressure to remain supple and smooth. After all fellas, what goes in, has to come out, and in the case of greasy food, your skin is one of the things that will inevitably fail, should this be a regular occurrence.

Eating lots of vegetables

On the flip side of this vegetables are great at promoting younger looking skin on men. They are charged with vitamins, minerals and anti-oxidants which improve your skin’s capability to perform and look younger and fresher. Such anti oxidants ensure that your skin is greater protected against the inbound of harmful toxins and in the long run, remove some of the key signs of general aging. Dullness and roughness are no more after a good few weeks on the good stuff.

Cut out the booze and cigarettes

Finally, need we say any more. Alcohol and cigarettes on a regular basis are a complete no no if you are looking for a great anti-aging skin care for men program. You may as well hand over the reins to your grooming gremlins if you wish to persist in such an unhealthy activity. Drinking socially, in reality, will not hinder your skin’s performance and youthful look drastically, but too much of it and it could be very much game over.

So, let’s lay out the fundamental foundations step-by-step for truly younger looking male skin. This six step guide is not too dissimilar from your average grooming routine, but there are one or two gems in there, which will give you the advantage when it comes to fending off some of those before mentioned age related imperfections.


A good quality face wash or exfoliator can never go underestimated, especially when it comes to anti-aging. Whether it is a recharging general face wash, or the twice weekly use of a mens face scrub, you will be starting off on the right foot. Gone are the days when coating your entire body in Lynx was good enough for a fresh feel, now you are getting on a bit fellas, you need something that little bit more caring.

Twice daily face washing removes damaging properties from your skins surface, which often result in your skin feeling and looking more dirty, tired and fatigued. Truthfully gents, it can only last so long before long term imperfections begin to take their grip.


Daily cleansing can do wonders for your skin, especially when it comes to anti-aging. The deep dirt nestled between each layer of your skin is well and truly tackled for complete removal. As well as this, cleansing also helps dramatically in the removal of dead skin cells, resulting in skin cell regeneration and a fresher more youthful look.

Harmful toxins and detrimental debris in your skin cause a dull and imperfection prone complexion, whilst years of relentless deterioration of your cells may be making you look far beyond your years. Cleansers for men really focus on the cellular level of your skin and improve their functionality for a truly regenerated and rejuvenated look.


Immediately toning your skin after cleansing has a number of different benefits and again generates your skin surface (epidermis) and skin cell performance. By closing your pores and refining your skin, you will achieve a younger looking complexion, reminiscent of the good days of yesteryear.

Mens facial toners have some more great skin care benefits too. They remove the remnants of dirt and debris, which may still be lurking in your skin, create a protective barrier agains an over oily complexion and restore your skin’s PH balance to optimal conditions, meaning bacteria doesn’t thrive deep within your skin. The cumulative benefit of this is that the fine lines and wrinkles that you already may have, are not defined further as such dirt and debris are prevented from residing there. The result? You skin’s imperfections appear less defined and ultimately less visible, as well as a tighter and firmer skin surface.


Employ a good quality moisturiser for men and you will immediately be on the road to recovery. Such a product hydrates and rejuvenates your skin and improves its elasticity for a more youthful, supple and smooth look.

Looking younger never feels as easy than with a male moisturiser. The protection offered by them against environmentally unfriendly and harmful agents are quite phenomenal. As well as taking away that dry and leathery look, often associated with aging skin, the flakey and rough dermis is very much soothed.

Moisturized skin is naturally very smooth and elastic, and it is with this elasticity comes an unparalleled firmness geared for making men’s skin look younger. Ideally, choose a male moisturiser which contains an SPF level of protection and you cover the damaging effects caused by the sun, as highlighted in our next section.


Wearing adequate protection is imperative fellas. But to save sounding like your parents before an end of year prom, we will highlight its importance when it comes to men’s skin care. Sunblock protects against damaging UVA and UVB rays and ultimately premature aging and skin cancer. When exposed to long periods of damaging rays your skin begins to break down behind the surface. Elastic fibers within your skin lose their power to retain and ultimately break down, causing sagging and a droopy look.

Use a facial moisturiser which contains an SPF element, or if you really are going for that tanned look, why not look at one of the host of tinted moisturisers for men available on the skin care market today?

Eye Care

Whether it is a cream, gel or specialized eye treatment for men, targeting your tired, fatigued and dull eyes can often be your biggest success when it comes to looking younger. Most eye care products for men out there today do a fabulous job at tackling those eye imperfection, which can sometimes make you look like an extra out of the Thriller video.

Employ such a product at the end of your regime and enjoy a day-by-day turn around over a number of weeks as your eye contours significantly regenerate. Say bye to tired and faded eyes, and recapture their youthful essence by taking on board such a fabulous range of products.

When looking for a excellently performing anti aging skin care for men series of product, we recommend doing your research. Look for the key signs on products themselves, including anti aging, anti fatigue, or anti-wrinkle. In additions to this, serums are also a great substitute to male moisturisers as these hare highly potent formulas, specifically geared to tackling wrinkles.