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Intermediate Guide

During our mens skincare for beginners guide, we introduced the notion of five separate weekly mini routines, which collate to form the basis of a highly effective skin care program built to help you achieve your complexion goals. Let us now fine tune your grooming mind further in our skin care for intermediates guide, by introducing you to some great products which will enhance your skins performance even further.

But first, let us recap for every mans sake, what we discussed in our skin care for beginners guide, five important fundamentals which should by now, be second nature.

The first two regimes revolved around twice daily facial washing with the first, a soothing and calming mens face wash. Substituting three washes per week with a mens facial exfoliator was the second, giving your skins toxins, dead skin cells and debris a real interrogation. The next two mini grooming routines involved getting your skins moisturisation just right. With the twice daily use, post wash, of a mens moisturiser, assisted with a once daily application of a mens body lotion, you were well and truly given the tools to achieve a smooth, supple and fresh skin surface. Finally, these four regimes should be worked alongside your regular shaving routine, consisting of a high quality mens shaving foam and an after shave balm. All five mini procedures exquisitely collaborate to form what MaleSkin like to call the pawns in an otherwise endless battle.

Now for the intermediate guys out there: Whether you are only just joining us and think this is a great place to start, or you have worked through the first four to six weeks, outlined in our skin care for beginners guide, you are sure to learn some handy tips, discover more about the three extra products added at this stage and really get to grips with just what skin care for men means.

The Clean Up Crew...

Firstly, you may have heard the words cleanser and toner tossed around in mens magazines, male grooming blogs or health and beauty write ups, but what exactly are they? Often referred to by MaleSkin as the clean up crew, such products should be used every morning onto partially dry skin, post face washing, prior to applying male moisturiser. Slotting this combative duo amidst your skin care basics brings with it a host of benefits.

Using an application pad, apply the cleanser thoroughly as mentioned, onto pre washed and pat dried skin. Such a product acts as a deep skin purifier and completely rids your skin of foreign bodies and environmental debris. Once you have rubbed in the mens cleanser, apply the toner to your face with the reverse of your cotton wool pad using the same method. Such a product evens skin tone, restores your skins PH balance and visibly firms and tones the very surface of your face. By implementing these heavy hitting products into your bathroom workout, you are really striding leaps and bounds within touching distance of a milestone, to achieve an incredible overall finish.

MMUK MAN’s Lip Balm For Men is perhaps the most simplistic skin care product for men to integrate into your skin care routine. One simple application in the morning, fights the effects of harsh winters and dry summers on your lips and is the second product highly recommended for use in our Intermediate skin care guide for men. Say farewell to chapped, saw and dry lips with a once day application of another male skincare masterclass brought to you exclusively from MaleSkin.

Knight Therapy For Men...The Dark Horse

The final product added at this crucial stage of your male skin care education is one in which has shot to fame over recent months, namely, mens night therapy. With the busy lifestyles and excess stress placed upon modern day men comes a greater need to recharge and revitalize your skin at night. These intense reparative based formulas are heavily concentrated and geared to offering your skin maximum refreshment as you sleep. By recharging your skin pores and recovering your skins surface, such a product will ensure you wake up looking nothing less that brand new. MaleSkin recommend using MMUK MANs Night Cream For Men to make the most of this third new product in your new and exclusive regiment.

So gentlemen, we havr now turned your typical morning grooming routine into face washing, cleansing, toning, and moisturising, whilst your evening bathroom workout now consists of the use of a face wash, moisturiser, and night therapy. Slowly but surely gents, you will hopefully be seeing the gradual shift towards a more professional skin care regime with the addition of just three extra products.

In reality, 54% of men continually reside at this level of skin care intensity. Gentlemen often find the procedures outlined more manageable and easy to negotiate, raising the likelihood of long term commitment and ultimately male skincare success.

However, if you would like to take things one step further and delve into the world of cover up and anti-wrinkle treatments, take a look at our professional mens skincare guide, designed to give men every possible chance to achieve that much coveted cover model look whilst rolling back the years with some very targeted and professional skin care treatments.

We hope this information has been of good use to you gentlemen, as ever, if you have any further questions , do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than willing to help.