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Beginners Guide

If you find yourself going online or into your local chemist having no experience what so ever in the world of male skin care, our beginners guide is almost certainly for you. You may have a vague idea of what you want to achieve by using skin care for men, but you’re not too sure of what bathroom tactics or products to choose in order to make them reality. Welcome aboard to the world of male skin, our years of experience and straight to the point man-language, guarantees that your firsts step into the male grooming unknown leave you well and truly on solid ground.

Now, firstly let us get off on an even keel. Every man obviously knows how to use the skin care basics, a face wash, shower gel, the odd piece of wet shave tooling and a deodorant. These products are the foundation to a successful skin care and grooming regime for guys, but even at this early stage of your development, we are going to start fine tuning your mind frame and introducing you to a totally new skin care perspective.

Our skin care for beginners guide introduces you to five very basic, very crucial and highly effective mini male skin care routines, which combine to build the correct foundations for a champion look. Highlighting exactly how to negotiate them, in which order, their main strengths and finally, how they can help you achieve your goals, these five mini regimes will turn you bathroom skills from zero to well, semi-pro. Our male skin care basic guide should be mastered over a period of four to six weeks, allowing you to really get to grips with your new way of life.

The power of mens face washes...

Although you may be relatively inexperienced in the world of mens skincare, we are not going to treat you like a dummy. Yes, the benefits of twice daily face washing include ridding your skin of deep dirt and toxins, as well as rebalancing your skins oil level, for a less greasy look throughout your day. However, which mens face wash should you look out for? Ideally, you are looking for a face wash which is soothing and is not going to be too intrusive on your skin, given the regularity of use associated with such a product. A non-beaded calming face wash such as MMUK MANs Mens Facial Wash will serve your skin well in this instance and should be used morning and night as your first skin care step. Thoroughly washing with warm water before pat drying your face is certainly the most appropriate root to take.

There are times however, where your skin requires a little bit more interrogation from skin care products. It is therefore time to introduce you to a facial exfoliator for men. These heavily concentrated and beaded face washes tackle every layer of your skin for a thorough and very intense clean. Furthermore, such a product rids your skin of dead skin cells and tackles grouped debris, which often lead to the appearance of blemishes and other imperfections.

However, such interrogation comes at a price. MaleSkin recommend substituting the use of a mens exfoliator three times per week, ideally in the evenings. Such an intrusive procedure has highly beneficial effects on your skin, however over exfoliating for men will have detrimental effects.

Moisture, over Mind, over Matter...

Now we have got your face wash routines sorted, it is time to look at, yes you have guessed it, male moisturisation. Both your face and body can hugely benefit from the regular use of a male moisturiser and should be applied after a shower or wash, once you have pat dried your face and body with a clean towel.

A mens facial moisturiser should be seen to be your first step into the expertise of the male grooming world. By providing valuable hydration, nutrition and moisture to you skin, moisturisers for men give you a smooth, supple and refreshed complexion. As your first line of defence against the environments toll takers also, mens moisturisers at least, protect and repair the damage done to your skin on a daily basis.

The same goes for a mens body lotion. Just a quick and simple application once per day will again, refresh and revitalize your body's largest organ, offering a smooth and hydrated finish.

When it comes to looking after yourself fellas, adding a male body lotion and mens moisturiser to your bathroom armory is a definitive winning tactic. Ideally, apply male moisturiser to your face both morning and night, and for the sake of time, get to grips with just one application of body lotion for men per day for your initial four to six seek mens skincare program.

The final routine to be applied to your bathroom workout during your beginners period is one which every man will be familiar with. Regular shaving with a high quality shaving foam and a good razor should be greeted with the use of an after shave balm or male moisturiser afterwards. Depending on when you wish to shave, do this prior to your facial wash and moisturisation routines.

So fellas, we hope that now we have introduced you to five very useful and highly effective mini skin care regimes, you are able to position them together into a weekly routine that truly suits your lifestyle. We recommend following such a guide for four to six weeks, in order to give yourself plenty of time to familiarize yourself with a routine, before we build upon your male skincare workout in our Intermediate guide.