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Professional Guide

If you are searching for professional skin care advice and ultimately a look certain to impress even the most ardent male skin care sceptic or grooming guru, you have certainly come to the right place. The simple scene set by following a strict and professional skin care regime is one in which depicts fresh skin, a youthful look and a healthy glow. The harsh reality of it all gents is that you will only get out of your skin what you are prepared to put in, and in order to become a mens grooming heavyweight, it’s not surprising that you may need a little guidance along the way. Think of this skin care for men guide as your man-bible for all things skin care. If you are a regular exerciser, follow a strict diet, maintain a healthy lifestyle or simply looking for a fresh start, our professional skin care guide is just another regime which can be slotted into your busy lifestyle, geared to improve your performance as a 21st century modern man.

First off, it is important to open your eyes and close your ears when it comes to your typical marketing slur, spoken by profit driven multinationals. Unfortunately guys, their big marketing campaigns, celebrity endorsed products and fancy tag lines are often followed by much disappointment experienced by their male skin care contingent, searching for clarity in an ever growing market. However, do not worry guys. MaleSkin are your one and only line of defence against such derisory marketing ploys. Here in the gentlemen's lab, we only deal in the very best when it comes to help, guidance, products and after care.

So, without further ado, let us put our grooming cards on the table...

Firstly, let us get to grips with the basics: Covered in our basic and intermediate skin care for men guides; face washing and exfoliating for men should follow a very strict weekly pattern. MaleSkin advise twice daily facial washing with a calming, soothing and smooth based mens face wash, substituting three of these scheduled washes per week (ideally in the morning) with a heavily concentrated and beaded male exfoliator.

These two forms of mens face wash perfectly compliment each other over the course of your skin care weekly workout. The soothing properties of the more commonly used wash, cleans and treats your skin with minimal interruption. Whilst the deeper excavating properties of the mens exfoliator gives your skin a real interrogation, virtually every other day, to completely rid it of debris, toxins and impurities, which tend to build up over a typical period of 48 hours too.

The basis of a good skin care program also contains a few products you will already know like the back of your hand. Your typical mens shower gel, deodorant and shaving regime will have already been mastered by yourself over the years, unless you are going for that Tom Hanks - Castaway look that is. So, bearing these three mini regimes and mens skincare products in mind and combining them with your weekly face washing for men schedule, we are pretty sure our guidance will get you off to the perfect start.

So gents, what comes next? Remember, operating a good mens skin care program is a marathon and not a sprint. Similar to how you would build up endurance or bulk in the gym, these bathroom big hitters are truly learnt and built up over time for the best performance of your skin.

Never has the definition of a skin care marathon been more relevant than when discussing our next two long term mens skin care high performers, namely, Cleansers and Toners for men. Applied once per day, after you have pat dried your face with a towel post face washing, it is now time to take a piece of cotton wool, preferably in the form of a pad and get to grips with these deep MaleSkin excavators.

Apply the cleanser to your face first for one to two minutes, before reversing your cotton wool pad and switching to the men’s facial toner. Be sure to reach your entire skins surface, especially facial crevices and features, as these often are more prone to the build up of dirt. Such a double hit of luxury skin care rids your skin of further impurities, rebalances your skins oil level, firms and tones your skin for a fresher finish. With a mens cleanser and toner waiting in the wings, your morning skin care regime just got that little bit more professional.

Don’t forget to moisturise...

MaleSkin advise applying mens moisturiser after the application of a male cleanser and toner in the morning and directly after pat drying your face in the evening, as you do not need to cleanse and tone at night. The benefits of regular moisturisation are endless. However, the three main positives include hydrating, nourishing and protecting your skin throughout your day, for a long lasting fresh look and vital defense against environmental assaults.

Guys, never forget about the importance of hydrating, nourishing and protecting your entire body’s skin. For this, we have placed in our skin care for men guide a recommendation to apply a mens body lotion every morning of the week to give your entire body’s skin the best possible chance of success, freshness and youth. Moisturisation falls into two categories (face and body) and it is important not to miss either of them out of your weekly skin care schedule to avoid missing out on operating a masterclass of a mens grooming routine. Check out MaleSkins collection of body lotions for men and apply one religously a couple of minutes before putting on clothes each and every morning of the week for the best possible overall results.

Next, comes expert eye care for men.

Unfortunately fellas, the first area of your face to show visible signs of stress, tiredness and fatigue are your eyes. Whether you are struggling to tackle dark circles and/or eye bags, or if you would simply like to take out an insurance policy for further down the line, MaleSkin certainly recommend implementing a high quality eye care for men product at this stage of your mens grooming routine. Shop for your specific eye imperfection or browse for a great eye moisturiser for men at our mens eye care section to pass this step with flying colours and ensure your eyes do not let you down in the man stakes.

If you wish to take on board a mens eye care product, application after the use of a general mens moisturiser is certainly recommended by the professionals here at MaleSkin. Allow your mens face moisturiser to dry before completing your morning grooming regiment with such a high performance product. As you tend to naturally get more rest overnight, the use of such an eye moisturiser at night is recommended but not essential.

Let’s talk here and now...

In the past, most gents would have shy’d away at the thought of using a mens face mask or branded the regular use of one as un-masculine, gay or just plain wrong. However, as more and more every day gents fine tune their skin care patterns towards the acceptance of using such a product, we have slotted one right into our professional mens skincare guide, simply because of its essentialness to skin care for men success.

There is no longer anything stopping you spending a weekday evening at the mercy of one of these high performance, deeply purifying and mineral active recharging male skincare products. For the complete rejuvenation of your skin in a pot, or for the ultimate in skin refreshment, why not put yourself in pole position to stay well and truly ahead of the pack with the help of a face mask for men?

The average male face mask should be applied to slightly damp skin for approximately 20 to 25 minutes, depending on the product you choose. Take 50 minutes out of your week with two skin rehab sessions and truly benefit from the great foundations such a male skincare product builds.

Another process we certainly do not want to leave behind is your shaving routine. Some guys do it every day, some, just a few times a week, and others make it even more of a rarity, depending on the look you are going for.

Our earlier guides mastered how to make the perfect shave whether it be wet or dry. However, at this stage when it is time to trim your facial hair, there are one or two golden products which may just help you along the way. Such products include after shave balms, which are geared towards protecting your skin after a shave as well reinstating your skins moisture level. Another product becoming ever present in the mens grooming world are razor burn solutions, which are perfect should you suffer with post shave redness or burns.

Although we cannot guide you specifically to a product without knowing your post shave symptoms, but it is certainly worth checking out our mens grooming section and you may just be surprised with what is on offer to combat this section of your typical grooming for men workout.

We would like to finish our professional skin care guide for men with two products: Two highly effective products who do not try and steal the thunder of other male skincare product, but simply provide and unrivaled service towards the final two key aspects of your grooming regiments, as your search for that all round winning formula intensifies.

Firstly, night cream for men. I know, I know! We may be boarder lining on the feminine again with this one and you may be thinking that this side of skin care should remain well and truly in the other halves dresser. But, after seeing what such a product can do during your valuable sleeping hours, a mens night cream will certainly leave you wanting nothing but more.

Get your hands on an expert night cream for men! Male night creams are typically non-greasy, emollient and sit very undisturbed and unnoticed on your skin at the end of your evening mens grooming regime. Seriously revitalize and recharge your skin whilst you sleep, after all, you would be crazy not to take advantage of these 7 hours per day on average, you are likely to spend asleep. This crucial time is a defining time if you are going to achieve your skin care for men goals. Remove the stigma, get involved and simply see them as just a night moisturiser for men, which can do wonders for your overall skins performance.

Finally fellas, a mens lip balm is perhaps the most simplistic mens grooming product. We’re not going to reel off the benefits of such a product, as we hope they are fairly clear. In a nutshell, for comfortable, soothed and well moisturized lips take on board one of these very basic but effective products. Finish off your newly found professional skin care routine with a knock out blow and combined with all of the other sets of products we have discussed in this guide, you will be heading well and truly down a one way road to confidence, happiness and a complexion to be truly proud of.

As ever, if you have any thoughts or would like us to clarify any of the points mentioned in this mens skin care guide please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be more than happy to assist.