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MMUK MAN Toner For Men

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Mens Facial Firming Toner

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Regular Price: £30.00

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Key Benefits of MMUK MAN’s Power Defence Botanical Firming Toner include:

Tackling dry, rough and sore skin for optimized skin hydration.

Marine minerals provide a combative barrier against the uprise of imperfections such as spots, blemishes and black heads.

Fighting against a saggy, tired and fatigued look with rejuvenation capabilities to completely revitalize your complexion.

Resizing skin pores for a tighter, firmer and revived look, displaying a smooth, continual and fresh skin surface.

Removing any impurity and toxin residue present on the surface of your skin.

Re-optimizing your skins PH balance for an all day guard against the inbound of skin debris and impurities.

MMUK MAN bring you the looks that befit modern day grooming men. It’s only natural that more and more fellas are playing in the cosmetic courtyard in order to bag themselves a champion look. Although we can’t supply you with a flight ticket to south beach, what we can offer you is a complexion to match a Hollywood A-Lister. We’re not talking about the ridiculous, outrageous or out right feminine. MMUK MAN deal in the man stakes only and more specifically luxury male skincare. Using our Power Defence Botanical Firming Toner, you are certain to take one or two rungs up the alpha male ladder, thanks to the benefits this facial toner for men has to offer.

This very gentle firming botanical toner scientifically displaces alcohol (found in most toners for men) with ultra combative marine minerals, perfect for those who suffer with dry, rough and sore skin during the depths and heights of winter and summer respectively. Such minerals act as an uncompromising barrier to even the most tough and hard to manage imperfections and instead promote a nourished, firm and naturally hydrated facial look.

Getting To Grips

Saggy, tired, and rough were the most popular terms used by men in search of the best male skin care in a 2013 MMUK MAN poll, when describing their present skin condition. A dual combative series of Japanese Green Tea and Cucumber Extract addresses these common issues experienced by men, encompassed in a formula which certainly doesn’t shy away from action. Japanese Green Tea is widely regarded as the male cosmetic markets ultimate rejuvenator. Targeting each and every one of your facial pores, after 2 to 3 weeks of regular use, your pores will begin to display the signs of real life, rejuvenation and vitality. This, combined with cucumber’s ability to tighten, resize and develop skin pores, every man experimenting with this toner will achieve a continual skin tone, demonstrating a smooth, complete and revived look.

The Clean Up Crew

MMUK MAN like to refer to cleansers and toners for men as the clean up crew. Whilst cleansers are perfect at drawing impurities and toxins up through the skin, toners are in fact the skin care product which removes them altogether from the very surface of your skin. MMUK MANs Power Defence Botanical Firming Toner certainly falls into this category. Unlike others, this toner for men removes the waste, but in doing so re-optimizes your skins PH balance, enabling it to efficiently remove oil, sebum and impurities throughout your day. For benefits which last far beyond the removal of mens toner, look no further than the ultimate in male skin defence.

Size - 40ml

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Manufacturer MMUK MAN

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