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Murdock London Luxury Cologne

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Freshly Scented Long Lasting Colognes For The Modern Man

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Murdock London Patchouli Cologne

A man’s style should include his own signature scent, and the Murdock London Patchouli Cologne can be yours. To make sure that the scent suits your body chemistry, spray a small amount of the cologne on your wrist. Do not rub – leave on for several minutes before testing the smell.

The Murdock London Patchouli Cologne has a distinct scent with patchouli, olibanum, and suede as the base notes. The middle notes include geranium, jasmine, rose, and ylang-ylang. For the top notes, you will smell a hint of black pepper, cardamom, nutmeg, and petit grain. Spicy and mysterious, the Murdock London Patchouli could very well be your signature scent.

Murdock London Black Tea Cologne

If you like the smell of leather, you will absolutely love the Murdock London Black Tea Cologne. Formulated for the modern Murdock man, this signature scent has leather as the middle notes. The base notes include birchtar, musk, and musty woods – while the top notes include cloves, nutmeg, basil, and pepper.

For gents who love travelling around the world, this cologne’s earthy, woodsy scent would blend perfectly with their body chemistry. Just remember that less is more when applying a cologne with woodsy scents. Spray just a hint of the Murdock London Black Tea Cologne on your pulse points after every shower, and enjoy its elegant smell on your body.

Murdock London Avalon Cologne

You will definitely get your money’s worth when buying products like the Murdock London Avalon Cologne. The brand has long been known for its signature Avalon scent, and adding this cologne to your grooming essentials is a must if you love that citrusy smell.

For the Murdock London Avalon Cologne, the base note is musk while the middle notes include hints of rosemary and lavender. The top notes include Sicilian bergamot, Calabrian lemon, Neroli, and oranges. All in all, it combines to form that signature citrusy Avalon scent that Murdock London products have long been known for.

Murdock London Vetiver Cologne

One of the biggest mistakes made by men is rubbing their wrists together after applying cologne. This actually causes the top notes of the cologne to fade, which will diminish the effects of applying the scent in the first place. As such, it is best to simply spray a small amount of the Murdock London Vetiver Cologne on your pulse points. Leave on for a few minutes, then test the smell. There are certain scents that will smell great on you based on your body chemistry, so you can easily test if vetiver is it.

The base notes of the Murdock London Vetiver Cologne include woody tree moss, while the top notes include the distinct smell of citrus. The effect is a complex, intriguing, mysterious fragrance with a faintly citrusy smell..

Murdock London Renshaw Cologne

Fresh and green is perhaps the best way to describe the overall scent of the Murdock London Renshaw Cologne. Manufactured by Murdock London which produces grooming products specifically for men, the Renshaw cologne might as well be your signature scent. It’s suitable for the sporty, outdoorsy men who prefer to have a unique flowery yet spicy smell on their skin.

The top notes of the Murdock London Renshaw Cologne include ruby red grapefruit, Sicilian bergamot, and garden mint. The middle notes include gardenia, violet, strawberry, Lily of the Valley, jasmine, watercress, and green peppercorn. All these combine to form a fresh, green, clean scent that most women will love to smell on you!

Murdock London Napier 1033 Cologne

If you’re still looking for your very own signature scent, why not try something that’s a combination of fruity and woodsy? The Murdock London Napier 1033 Cologne is a classic scent which combines the smell of thyme, apple, and oak moss.

Each bottle has amber and oak moss as its base notes. The middle notes include a hint of fig, dried fruit, and patchouli. For the top notes, you will smell earthy sage, fig leaf, hyssop, and cypress. The scent of the Murdock London Napier 1033 Cologne is truly distinctive and appealing, so try it out for yourself and see if it’s a good match with your body chemistry.

Size - All 100ml

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Manufacturer Murdock London

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