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Nickel Anti-Fatigue Concentrate

Nickel Morning After Rescue Gel

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A Soothing and Refreshing Neck and Face Gel
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Fellas! There’s nothing worse than waking up to skin looking like it’s seen better days. Whether it’s a hangover, late night in the office or a bad nights sleep, do you sometimes get the feel as though it doesn’t really wake up until lunchtime? if so, then it’s time to deploy Nickel’s Morning After Face Gel. This skin care for men product, locates, targets and tackles fatigued and tired areas of your face, giving it a boost like no other. If you need to look sharp, whether it’s an important morning meeting or you’ve got company, choose the complete power of this grooming game changer.

Offering instant revitalization like no other, this iconic morning after gel follows in the footsteps of the revolutionary Nickel skin care range, originally designed as treatments for men at the world renowned Nickel spa for men in London. Built with the boosting and energizing intensity of caffeine, this face care for men hit can be applied to all areas, as well as your neck for complete epidermal regeneration, aided by enhanced micro circulation. A key blend of Soy Protein finishes off fatigued and dull skin by promoting a more radiant and refined complexion.

Apply thoroughly to your face and/or neck in conjunction with a quality daily moisturiser for a double combat effect against your grooming grief. Do not use immediately after shaving due to the vigorous nature of alcohol and recharging menthol within this concentrated formula.

Size - 75ml

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