19-69 Products

3 Hand-Picked Favourites From Luxury Perfume Brand 19-69

Smell is invincible, relentless and in very rare cases completely captivating. In a bloated fragrance market, carving a niche is next to impossible, however, it’s something that Johan Bergelin, product developer and co-founder of luxury fragrance brand 19-69 has accomplished with years of dedication and passion in an absolute abundance.

19-69 is one of a rare breed of truly pioneering perfume brands, seemingly knowing of no boundaries when re-writing the script of modern-day fragrance. Yet, with its modern and authentic vibe, the collection still has this seemingly effortless power to catapult you back through time, almost like time-travelling through someone else’s memory.

It’s this unparalleled intangibility of grasping memories and emotion in each bottle and the brand’s casual nod to its rich Swedish cultural heritage that wonderfully combine to create such a powerful and progressive tapestry of success. Knowing of no boundaries and a brand that’s far more than just male and female focused, 19-69 proves just what one small team and their dreams can do.

L’Air Barbes gives a weightier approach to modern day scent and with its ink and leather base, inspired by the French capital, delivers an astonishing twist to your scent each and every day. Cold, light and fresh, our first pick features fresh lemon and concrete and is the most beautiful tribute to Paris and the passion that engulfs its inhabitants.

Chronic’s scent is leafy, vibrant and green. With its top notes including bitter grapefruit and moss, this fragrance is an acknowledgement of cannabis cultivation in Southern California during the 90’s and serves up a daily dose of unrivalled pleasure.

Kasbah is inspired by the colourful and creative party scene of Marrakesh during the 1960’s and 1970’s. The scent is woody and welcoming with soft and oriental spices. This fragrance top notes include White Honey, Amber and Sandalwood. Each note inspires, relaxes and revitalises with such a beautiful and classic charm.

The luxury 19-69 collection features candles, hand sanitisers and other homeware favourites alongside its premium range of perfumes. All products are suitable for both men and women.