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Noble Isle Review: A Bathroom Avalanche

They say that we are all just creatures of habit and when it comes to my favourite fragrances and grooming products that couldn’t be more true. I’m a stickler for routine and with some of my bath and shower gels having been by my side for over a decade, it’s not often that a new product gets the opportunity to enter the fray.

Despite having tried hundreds of potential additions to my bath and shower routine over the years, I always found myself staying loyal to my same old staples. That was however until about four months ago, when I had the opportunity to try a variety of body care products from luxury British brand Noble Isle.

With a couple of my long standing favourites getting more and more difficult to find online, I saw this as the perfect opportunity to really put Noble Isle through its paces and to see if any of their products could squeeze their way into my first team bathroom squad.

Here were some of the products I had the chance to try out from the range:

Noble Isle Rhubarb Rhubarb Hand Wash - £19.00

There’s one product that really surprised me and that was Noble Isle’s Rhubarb Rhubarb Hand Wash - so good in fact, they named it twice. Normally rhubarb isn’t my thing, as I’ve found that many formulas containing it can often be rather overpowering. However, it’s safe to say that Noble Isle have got the balance just right with this one. Both during and after use, this makes hand washing an ultimate sensory experience and with all of us having to take extra care of our hands over the past year or so, I’m gutted that I’ve only discovered it recently. Bring the pleasure back to hand washing with this cleansing and invigorating hand wash!

Noble Isle Fireside Bath and Shower Gel - £21.00

Rich, warm, spicy, there’s so many superlatives you could dangle off of Noble Isle’s Fireside Shower Gel and it’s no surprise to me that it remains one of the brand’s bestselling products to this day. A fresh and energising oriental twist makes it for me the perfect accompaniment to a morning shower, as it awakens not only the skin and senses, but the mind too. I feel sharper and ready for the day after washing with it and its thick lathering action create a cleansing feeling to really behold.

Noble Isle Whiskey and Water Hand Lotion - £21.00

Until the beginning of the pandemic, I was never really one for using hand cream. Yes, I always had one in my bathroom cabinet, just in case I had a particularly heavy duty day on the cards and I knew my hands would bear the brunt, but even then, using one would still have been a rare occurrence. When I first used Noble Isle’s Whiskey and Water Hand Lotion, it’s safe to say that I was hooked and looking for any opportunity to re-apply throughout the day, even though in reality, it’s not needed at all. The hand lotion itself offers all day long hydration whilst its masculine enriched scent is its main draw for me. A combination of oak, cedarwood and vanilla combine to create this captivating aroma that has won me so many compliments.

Noble Isle Whiskey and Water Reed Diffuser - £49.00

I know I’m going to sound like a broken record with this one, but I’ve found myself filling my home with the fragrance unleashed by Noble Isle’s Whiskey and Water Reed Diffuser recently. Whilst my wife tends to go for those softer more feminine scents throughout the house, I leave one of these in my study and another in my sports room, thoroughly stamping my masculine mark on our home.

Noble Isle Willow Song Candle - £40

This candle sneaks into my top five, as I’ve gifted it on several occasions over the past few months and I’m confident in saying that they have all gone down very well, especially with the ladies in our family. Whilst the fragrance leans of course more on the feminine side, releasing floral notes of rose petal and ivory effortlessly, its opulence and sheer luxuriousness ensures that it’ll be a gift I’ll continue to give in the weeks and months ahead and in the run up to Christmas.

At the beginning of my Noble Isle journey, I said I’d be surprised if any of their products could really overtake my old firm favourites, expecting perhaps one or two to squeeze their way into my bathroom arsenal. Instead, it turned out to be a Noble Isle avalanche that has now taken root, displacing favourites that I’ve remained loyal to for so very long.

The collection itself and variety on offer have completely shook up what I believed to be acceptable bath and body care and I can’t wait to try more products from the range. Who says you can’t teach this old dog new tricks?