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Shopping Safely At MaleSkin

Comodo LogoHere at MaleSkin, we aim to create the ultimate shopping experience for every man out there searching for the very best skin care and mens grooming products.

One hugely important aspect of a complete shopping experience is your online security as a consumer.  With our SSL encrypted website, we hope, comes complete peace of mind.  As the measures we have put in place guarantee that your personal information, including your payment method details remain completely safe throughout the entire process of your order, there is nothing left for you to do than to shop for your mens skin care with complete confidence in our unparalleled integrity.

It is important to note that when shopping online for mens skincare, or any other consumer good, that you take a note of every sites checkout URL.  If the URL in question begins with ‘https/’ this denotes that they are operating a fully secure, encrypted and valid website security certificate.  

On the other hand, if the URL to every shopping cart page begins with ‘http/’ only on a website you are browsing on, your safety as an online consumer may be in jeopardy.  Although this does not necessarily mean your personal details will be compromised, if the site in question does not display the extra s/ in the URL it is certainly more likely.

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